Abstract Art

pop art portrait by Tetyana Bibik
Abstract Art

The Art of Tetyana Bibik abstract art and pop art paintings

My subject matter is anything and anyone, inspired by fashion, Andy Warhol silkscreens, the modern world, my mood and creativity. I love colour, I love different and I love luxury! I incorporate luxury materials like 24k gold, Swarovski crystals, and diamond dust into my pop art and abstract paintings. I...
Large abstract canvas art
Abstract Art

Self Taught Abstract Art Artist Rachel Camilleri

Rachel Camilleri is a self taught Abstract Artist who lives in Manchester, United Kingdom. She was born in 1979 and raised in Salford, Manchester where she continues to live with her Husband and three young children. Rachel studied Art & Design at College and then went onto study a Joint...
Modern abstract art mixed media paintings
Abstract Art

Modern Abstract Art Mixed Media Paintings

PostModernTonyb is an artist currently residing in Kansas City. He has been painting for 13 years and has worked in graphic design and illustration as well. PostModernTonyb describes himself as being self taught but is always on a continuous journey of exploration and learning. He has a vision of what...
abstract shape paintings
Abstract Art

Erin Young’s Inspired Abstract Art Paintings

Erin is a life long resident of the Pacific Northwest. She has always loved art and exploring different mediums, and expressions. While her kids were in school, she volunteered her time as an art docent, teaching students what she loves. The experience was rewarding, giving inspiration to revisit her own...
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