pop art portrait by Tetyana Bibik
Abstract Art

The Art of Tetyana Bibik abstract art and pop art paintings

My subject matter is anything and anyone, inspired by fashion, Andy Warhol silkscreens, the modern world, my mood and creativity. I love colour, I love different and I love luxury! I incorporate luxury materials like 24k gold, Swarovski crystals, and diamond dust into my pop art and abstract paintings. I want my paintings to remain modern, elegant and luxurious to stand the test of time.

With each painting, my goal is to bring my full vision to canvas. As I work on each piece I change and add ideas to it along the way, working towards bringing many ideas into one unique painting. By looking at any one of my paintings there are hidden messages, images and colours all chosen with a purpose. Studying business and mathematics, I choose to incorporate certain aspects of the organization in my paintings and believe math and art are intertwined.

Aside from exploring my own creativity I love working on commissioned pieces for Art Collectors who provide only a small idea and allow me to take that idea and use my vision to create a dream painting for them.

Living and working out of Toronto, Canada, I strive to make art a part of my everyday life as it is the calmest, most relaxing and exciting part of my day. I continue to create art that is true to me and thankful for everyone that finds a connection with it. Working with different mediums I love incorporating hyperrealism, pop art, and fine art into one painting, finishing it with the perfect varnish and details to suit the final mood of the subject matter. Art goes beyond the painting itself, and that is my goal with each piece I create.

Abstract art and pop art painting by Tetyana BibikSmoking Bills – Acrylic on gallery canvas 48” x 60”

Contemporary portrait painting Girl pop art by Tetyana BibikLima – Acrylic on gallery canvas 24” x 30”

Sparkling bottle pop art by Tetyana BibikSparkling – Mixed media on gallery canvas 24” x 30”

Pop art portrait by Tetyana Bibik

Wu Tang Clan Pop Art – Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas 48″ x 36″

Abstract canvas art by Tetyana BibikThorned Rose – Acrylic on gallery canvas 36” x 48”

abstract acrylic painting on canvas by Tetyana BibikGlasshouse – Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas 36″ x 36″


Website: www.artbytetyana.com
Instagram/Facebook: @artbytetyana

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