Abstract Artwork by Artist Ishika Guha
Abstract Art

Ishika Guha Self-taught Abstract Artist

Ishika Guha is a self-taught abstract artist originally from Bangladesh, currently living in London. Her works are inspired by myriads of things coming out from her real life experiences; her struggles, hopes or dreams, her day-to-day hustles or aspirations. Ishika writes poems, too and most of her artworks are heavily inspired by poetries. Charles Bukowski, Ogden Nash, Rudyard Kipling or Bengali poems of Jibanananda Das inspire her a lot to paint her own poetries using her wild, vibrant colours.

Ishika loves to paint freely, without any set-rules or boundaries. She does not plan too much about her palettes. She lets her imaginations run free on her canvases or on those blank paper-cards where she paints her memories, her last night’s dreams. As she is a mixed media artist, most of her works are painted using both oil and acrylic, sometimes even watercolour goes in, too. She does not choose any particular colour theme for her works, instead she lets her colours to choose her! With her techniques as well, she lets her canvases to tell her how they want the colours to move around. That is why her artworks are absolutely free-flowing and her palettes are very intriguingly diverse. She is adventurous with her colours that make her dig deep into her own unconscious, to fill up all the voids that have been haunting her for so long.

To Ishika, art is the absolute joy that can bring out the rainbows after the thunderstorms. Art is a process of healing for her that keeps her going for a hopeful tomorrow. Art is the key that breaks the boundaries for Ishika, as an intuitive artist herself. Ishika always feels that it is her creativity and her passion for colours that bring out the best in her, which would otherwise lay nebulously dormant inside her own unconscious. Art provides her a sense of fulfillment, a mirror that works as a catharsis to cope with the harsh realities of life. Art helps her to let go; to Ishika, to paint more is to dream more, to paint more is to break more of her own barriers. ~ Ishika Guha

Abstract Art Blood Sugar n Butterflies by Ishika Guha

Abstract Art Happysad Moon Phase by Ishika Guha

Abstract Art Stone Cold Prelude by Ishika Guha

Abstract Artwork Burn it Slow by Ishika Guha

Abstract Artwork Gap in the Clouds by Ishika Guha

Abstract Artwork Jungle Walk by Ishika Guha

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