safe animal drawing, The Bond

The Inspiring Art of Jo Frederiks and Her Mission to Raise Animal Awareness

Jo Frederiks is a passionate animal rights artist/advocate. She uses her art to educate people about the plight and suffering of billions of animals condemned to die at human’s hands so you may live their way of life. She is a full-time practising artist exposing the well-hidden shame of enslaving, exploiting, and using animals to satisfy the needless and unnecessary desires for food, clothing, entertainment, and research.

Frederiks is working in a range of mediums, yet graphite and oil paint occupy a special place. As mentioned, she has once studied at The Arts Academy in Brisbane and earned Honours. Frederiks has countless solo, joint, and group exhibitions, and her artwork belongs to private collections in many countries of the world. Her drawings are sensitive, sophisticated, and beautifully challenging, showing the original character of each spirit.

Growing up on a huge cattle farm in the­ middle of Queensland, Australia. Living the­re made her fe­el close to animals that were­ not human. It also showed her how much people­ can hurt these animals. ~ @Jo.Frederiks

save a pet rescue, Innocence Condemned

animal save, Don't Remind Me Of Life When I'm Eating Death

safe hands animal rescue, Eye am terrified

animal art drawing, Vivisection is a Crime

safe pets, Crushed by Humanity

save a pet rescue, The Bond

save a pet, A Festive Delusion

save animal, Willful Disconnection

save animals drawing, Tools of Torture

Someone Not Something, save animal

save animals poster, The Elephant in the Room

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