body art painting by Kudashkina

Natasha Kudashkina’s Traditional Painting and Colorful Creativity

Natasha Kudashkina’s vibrant and colorful artwork blends traditional painting and digital media. She is recognized for her unique style, which incorporates elements of surrealism, abstraction, and portraiture.
Kudashkina’s work themes are femininity, spirituality, and the natural world. With bold colours, intricate patterns, and flowing lines she creates a sense of movement and energy.
Her work is multimodal and can be found on buildings, bodies, canvases, and clothing.

Birth of Light Full Body Painting

Birth of Light Bodypainting

Birth of Light Body Art Painting “Birth of Light” – creative collaboration with a performer Veronika Sparkles @lacedwithsparkles
Photography: @kudashkina_art

Psycle Kudashkina Stunning Nature Painting

“Psycle” – custom artwork
One of the best things that art offers to me is meeting amazing people who venture into business and trust me with their vision. I love it. Custom work is probably my favourite. Knowing that someone is waiting affects the process tremendously. It’s a special connection.

Pronia Kudashkina ARtwork“Pronoia” About: Pronoia describes a state of mind that is the opposite of paranoia. Whereas a person suffering from paranoia feels that persons or entities are conspiring against them, a person experiencing pronoia believes that the world around them conspires to do them good.

Rainbow Warrior Full Body Painting

Rainbow Warrior Body Art Painting“Rainbow Warrior” – Inspiring journey captured with art.
This beautiful client was doing a list of “50 things to do” before she is 50 and her last adventure was to get body painted. I was honored to help her complete this quest. Here she is, our rainbow warrior . Photography: @marloweporterphotography

Elysian Plane Kudashkina Sunshine Art“Elysian Plane” To create a better world, we must first behold it in our mind’s eye, then build it. The Elysian Plain, or ‘Elysium’, was in Greek mythology, a place of perfect happiness inhabited by heroes. We are them, we simply must find that plane of existence, then hold the thread until we arrive. The idea for this painting came from a short story a friend told of a people that, in order for their planet to survive, they needed to leave its natural star. In order to have heat and light, they needed to create their own. This is that star. These people are untethered, in deep, dark space, warm and alive, circling nothing, on the Elysian Plane.

Beautiful Aurora Painting Kudashkina“Aurora” Wake up, my beautiful, dear friend. This foggy night has come to an end. Aurora is here and calling your name. The snow is sparkling with sunlight flame.

Satisfied Kudashkina Artwork“Satisfied” – a feeling after a good day

The Heart of the Mater Kudashkina Artwork“The Heart of the Mater”

The inspiration for this mural comes from the recognition of the deep interconnection between all things.
I believe this understanding will define our lives of human beings in 21st century.

My first and most intimate influence is Mother Nature. She is the original artist and creator, magnificent and powerful. I honour our one true mater in this artwork with a strong tree of life, her sacred geometry of flowers and field of grass, as ever-changing as the mountains and sky.

The second theme is the heart. We all have our own, but its work is the same: moving us into the future, a beat at a time, and as importantly, making us feel. Joy, happiness, love, fear, pain. These rivers of emotion carry us, colour our days. With the heart at the centre, I wanted to connect us to our shared mother, in whose eyes we are one.

Third is technology, code, algorithm, institution, authority, what humans have created on top of the natural world in order for modern civilization to function. If you look closely, you see this is not work humans did ourselves, but a deep function of nature. You can see a representation of linearity in the roots of the tree, before it is transformed into a more organic expression of the whole.

Finally, this intersection in Kensington Market is often packed with people and hustle, I wanted to offer some breathing room, reflecting as much light as possible.
I chose pastel colours and a lot of white to bring feminine energy into the space, peace and beauty.

Dance against the Mashine Artwork“Dance against the machine” Keep your spirits up. This is when we break through. Keep dancing, keep loving. spend more time around music, nature, whoever makes you laugh hard. This painting is inspired by recent events, daring acts of friendship and frivolity, even in these dark times. To expand on Bertolt Brecht: will there be dancing in the dark times? Yes. Especially then. It is how we will bring about their end.

Nobahar Body Art Painting“Nobahar”- Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” – Confucius.
Model: @nobahardadui
Photography: @anthonyfascionephotography

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