Creative Makeup Artist Paige Marie
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Body Painting Using the Body as a Canvas to Create Landscape and Body Art of Disney

Makeup is my passion, I have been doing since I could pick up a lipstick, studying at college, university and learning new and amazing skills. I always keep the practice up and learn more and more on every job.

Love being creative with makeup from bridal to body paint, crazy Halloween makeovers and special effects looks.

My goal is to get more creative with each makeover and to get better and better.

Recently I have been working more and more on body painting using my own body as a canvas to create landscapes and body art of Disney scenes/ characters and other stories I love such as Harry Potter. I love the fine detail involved and how rewarding it is to see the scenes come to life. I often create TikTok videos to go with my makeovers and sometimes will add a character on the face to go with the artwork on the body.

I really enjoy bringing the makeovers to life and having fun with them in the videos.

My other passion is special effects, creatures and spooky Halloween makeovers you can never have enough blood and gore and transforming a face into a character or creature is so much fun.

This kind of creative work is why I love theatre and screen makeup so much as it allows me to really express myself experiment with styles, ideas and new techniques and also gives me the best excuse to keep buying beautiful makeup pallets and brushes.

I hope people enjoy discovering my work as much as I love creating it you can check out more on my socials ~ @paigemariemakeup

Stunning disney body painting by Paige Marie

Disney body painting by Paige Marie

Disney bodypainting by Paige Marie

Amazing body painting, Disney makeup art by Paige Marie

Disney makeup artist aige Marie

Amazing body painting Finding Nemo by Paige Marie

amazing Xmas and new year body painting by Makeup Artist Paige Marie

Jessie and woodie character makeup art by Paige Marie

Rag doll makeup art by Paige Marie

Dutch delft design body painting by Paige Marie

Harry potter makeup art by Paige Marie

Tiger Face Painting Tutorial Youtube

Midnight Sky Makeup art by Paige Marie

Purple sugar skull makeup art by Paige Marie

Sugar Skull Gem Makeup

Sugar skull makeup looks by Paige Marie


  1. If only I had a gift like that, I’ll have no worries because my talent will pay all my bills 😂 Congratulations to her!

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