Body painting art by Ana Chapovalov

The Story of Italian Body Artist Anna Chapovalov

I am an Italian makeup and body artist, born in Ukraine, raised in Italy and now living in Texas. Art was always a passion but I ended up studying economics and accounting. A completely different path. As life passed by, I completely forgot about it and put my passion on a hidden drawer in my brain for a long time. Had a family, kids and a regular office job. When I had my first baby, I decided to leave my job to take care of him. When I decided to get back to work, I was still living in Italy and the economy crisis had just hit. It was impossible to find a job. While desperate to understand who I was and what to do with my life, I saw someone looking for a face painter. At that moment I decided to give it a try. I started to learn it from 0, but I really loved it! After 1 year, I decided to try a facepaint competition in Italy and placed 5th. During this event, I saw body painting for the first time. I fell in love! It was like something magic was happening. After that event, I decided that I had to learn how to body paint. I didn’t know any models or anyone available to just try for fun. So I jumped straight into a bodypaint competition. After placing on the top half I felt that maybe I could do it. So I started studying, watching youtube tutorials and doing as many workshops as possible with many amazing artist. From that moment I never stopped. Fast forward, today, body painting is my full-time job and I’m blessed to have achieved many amazing accomplishments that I’d never thought I would and it makes me really proud. The most important of these is definitely having placed 4th at The World Bodypainting championship in Austria 2018. I didn’t expect it. There were around 50 really talented artists from all around the world. I also placed 5th at the Daegu International Bodypainting Festival in South Korea 2017 and first at the Texas Bodypaint Competition (BTC) in 2015.

I mainly specialize in body paint, makeup and creative makeup. I like to transform a person. Either with just a makeup, to help empowering people or for a bodypaint, that can someone feel like a character for a day. I just feel happy helping people. I’m usually well known from the strong colors and quality of my work. People usually say that I am a perfectionist and all my work has an elegant touch. I think that the influence from the Italian art that I lived through all my life reflects in many aspects of how I work and how I see art.

Bodypaint and creative makeup are usually associated with Fashion shows, Commercials, Photoshoots etc. But also many people require my services also just for fun or parties.

Bodypaint cheetah by Ana ChapovalovModel Cheetah: Alexi Irvine, Ph. Fabio Pliger, Jungle – The Wild Cheetah

Cheetah and Zebra Bodypaint by Ana ChapovalovModel: Alexi Irvine and Dina Auneau, Ph Fabio Pliger, Jungle – in the Wild

Bodypaint live demo by Ana Chapovalov Model Stone bodypaint: Rachael Long, Ph. Fabio Pliger, Timeless Beauty

Wonder Woman body painting art

Model Wonder Woman: Crystal Burgess, Ph. Fabio Pliger, Wonder Woman

full body painting by Ana Chapovalov Model: Maia Del Mazo, Ph. Davide Da Damos, Out Of Reality

God Of Wine body painting art by Ana Chapovalov Model for Mayan Bodypaint: Betty L. Fox, Ph. Fabio Pliger, Acan – God Of Wine

Butterflies body painting art by Ana Chapovalov Model Butterflies: Christine Evans, Ph. Fabio Pliger, Travelling Soul

Cri Creative White by Ana Chapovalov Model Cristina Benedetti, Ph. Fabiopliger, Eternal Warrior

Dina Zebra body painting art by Ana ChapovalovModel Zebra: Dina Auneau, Ph. Fabio Pliger, Jungle – The Wild Zebra

Batman body painting art by Ana Chapovalov Model Batman: Dillon Lalor, Ph. Fabio Pliger, Batman – In Honor Of Adam West

Instagram: @anna.chapovalov
Facebook: @anna.chapovalov

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