Paper Art

Origami knight papercraft
Paper Art

Artist Juho Könkkölä creates origami knight from a single sheet of paper

I'm an origami artist from Finland and I create intricate human figures by folding paper. My main medium is just one square sheet of paper, and I fold it hundreds or thousands of times to make the figures come alive with all their detail. I don't make any cuts on...
Beautiful Paper Cut Illustration Art
Paper Art

Paper Cut Illustration Artist Anna Simonova

My name is Anna Simonova and I am a paper artist. I have been engaged in paper art since 2007, that is, for 15 years. I mainly work in the technique of paper relief and use both colored and white paper. I love paper with various types of embossing and...
Paper artist Eugenia Zoloto
Paper Art

Ukrainian Paper Artist Eugenia Zoloto

My name is Eugenia Zoloto and I am a paper artist. I create big paper dresses and small volumed paper collages, adore different forms of paper art and cut for about 9 years. I live in Kyiv, Ukraine, so for the last 100 days I couldn't get a lot into...
3d alcohol ink art ideas by Zuzana Borysek
Paper Art

3D Alcohol Ink Art by Artist Zuzana Borysek

My name is Zuzana Borysek / Z5art, I come from Slovakia, and I live in Germany. I am an artist with a demonstrated history in several fields covering digital media and classic fine arts. I love to work with different media, exploring new techniques and combining these into a new...
Linda Hamilton handmade Paper Wildflowers
Paper Art

Linda Hamilton – Paper Wildflowers

I am an artist living and working in Almonte, Ontario, Canada. My current focus is on paper botanical sculptures. This series is a group of 55 paper wildflowers. Each flower has been created by hand using paper, wire, glue and paint. My research for this project involved finding and pressing...
Incredibly Realistic 3d Papercraft bird
Paper Art

Realistic Paper Sculptures of Birds and Animals

I am a Wildlife artist specialising in building carefully handcrafted, intricate and realistic paper sculptures of birds and animals. I have always had an unmatched love for the avian world and it shows in my work. I have been a keen admirer of wildlife since I was a child and...
Paper illustration art
Paper Art

Heather Bowley Illustrator and Paper Artist

I've always loved making things from paper and card. As a child in England, I would cut up empty cereal boxes and turn them into houses, cars, robots; whatever my imagination came up with. I was also obsessed with making things in miniature; tiny cakes and bread rolls, books with...
Mask paper craft ideas by Lapa Studios
Paper Art

Lapa Studios Paper Art Company Based In Los Angeles

Lapa Studios is a paper art company based in Los Angeles. By fusing our love for digital design with our passion for paper craft, we are able to create blueprints for masks and sculptures that can easily be built at home. The Masks: Everything started with a polygonal wolf head...
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