Abstract Art

Painting fluid abstract art
Abstract Art

Artist Audrey Lachance Unique Abstract Fluid Paintings

As a self-taught artist, I have been refining the art of the lines to make them vibrate to the rhythm of my works, an expertise that is now part of my artistic signature. We recognize my works by the fluidity of the colors and by the restriction of my lines....
Painter Rita Howis
Abstract Art

The Artworks of Artist Rita Howis

Rita Howis is an artist by heart and architect by profession. Originally from Ufa (Bashkortostan, Russia) she has lived, studied and worked in 7 countries - Russia, U.S.A, Belgium, Austria, China, Spain and Denmark. For now, she happily settled in Copenhagen - the hotspot for art and design. Art is...
Abstract art painting by Sal Ponce Enrile
Abstract Art

Sal Ponce-Enrile Philippine-Based Legislator Turned Artist

Sal Ponce-Enrile is a Philippine-based legislator-turned-artist currently living in Manila. She creates beautiful, energetic, and emotionally-charged abstract paintings employing acrylic, mixed media, and a variety of textures. Sal has mastered telling a story through her artwork, pulling subjects and taking slices from her own life and experiences, and inviting audiences...
Kicki Edgren Explaining art on Trendyartideas
Abstract ArtPaintings

Kicki Edgren – Explaining my art

Kicki Edgren, born 1972, based in Gothenburg, Sweden, has had about 25 solo art exhibitions in Sweden, and recently her paintings has been exhibited in Galleries in Europe - Monaco, Spain and Italy and Canada. Kicki Edgren has attended several art educations, including a master’s degree from HDKValand - Academy...
Lemons abstract painting by Svitlana Sherstiuk
Abstract Art

Artist Interview: Svitlana Sherstiuk

Svitlana Sherstiuk is Ukraine artist. She has been always interested in art and painting in particular. Finished Maryya Zankovets'ka Art School in Nizhyn (2004) and also graduated from Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, Faculty of Design (2011) so, painting has always been her greatest passion and source of...
Brilliant acrylic paintings by Corrina Cooper
Abstract Art

The Beautiful Artwork of Corrina Cooper

Corrina Cooper is a practicing abstract artist residing in the South West of England. In 2010 she studied a BA in Fine Art at the University of Lincoln where Corrina developed an interest in ‘the everyday’. This was the beginning of a journey that although at times lost in the...
Fluid painting ideas by Lesley Nilsson
Abstract Art

Lesley Nilsson Creating Beauty of Fluid Art

Canadian artist Lesley Nilsson grew up in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Long obsessed with colour, mixtures and combinations, Lesley has become immersed in the beauty of fluid art and the tranquility that arises when bringing colour to life. Much of Lesley’s artistic passion and creativity comes from...
Abstract Artwork by Artist Ishika Guha
Abstract Art

Ishika Guha Self-taught Abstract Artist

Ishika Guha is a self-taught abstract artist originally from Bangladesh, currently living in London. Her works are inspired by myriads of things coming out from her real life experiences; her struggles, hopes or dreams, her day-to-day hustles or aspirations. Ishika writes poems, too and most of her artworks are heavily...
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