Abstract figure painting
Abstract Art

Indian Based Contemporary And Figurative Artist Jutika Borah

Jutika Borah is India based Contemporary and Figurative artist. Her artworks contain mostly a mixed blend of figures, expressionism and geometric patterns with mixed blend of dark and bright colors with abstract and uneven brush strokes.

According to Jutika, art is a form of connection. Connecting imagination, mind and soul of artist; imagination to the art; art to the story; story to the viewers; viewers depicting the story in their own perspective i.e. how they visualize and perceive it at the point. Art is all about experiment and has its own story to express. Every artist has their own perspective of creating an artwork.

Abstract figure painting by Artist Jutika Borah

People may belong to different fields of engineering, medical, arts, psychology, design and architecture etc. but art has its own way of connecting to these vast fields. The thing is connection; how one creates and establishes that connectivity. Most of Jutika’s artworks are in the acrylic medium. She also practices oil and watercolors.

She is a Graduate from Gauhati University, India in Electronics and Communication Technology, together with a technological background she always tries to maintain her love and interest for art in the best way possible and won various appreciations in the fields of art. Jutika Borah does not have formal training. She managed to find her own style by creating art by experimenting with different forms of art until she reached her own style of sharing her story and state of mind.

One can follow Jutika Borah at: jutikaborah

contemporary figurative painting by Artist Jutika Borah

ganesha painting Indian art Jutika

Abstract figurative artist Jutika

figurative abstract art by Indian artist Jutika Borah

Abstract figurative painting by Jutika

Beautiful figurative painting by Jutika

Original abstract painting by Artist Jutika Borah

Contemporary abstract painting by Artist Jutika Borah

Original abstract painting by Artist Jutika Borah

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