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Miri Baruch Abstract Figure Paintings

My name is Miri Baruch, but I am also known as Roxana. I was born in Argentina on 1964 and moved to Israel when I was 15 years old (till then my name was Roxana Meik). I am married with 2 children. Painting is my most profound passion. Inspiration comes from anywhere, an observation in the street, a scene from television, the thought of a colour, a shape, or a place. I love to paint abstracts and figures. When I work on an abstract, I feel like I am in an adventurous journey. It starts with a few random brush’s strokes, and slowly develops, layer by layer until I feel the journey reached its end. Besides the brushes, I use spatula, squeezes and sponges, depending on what shape I want to create. When creating a figurative painting, I like to combine it with abstract elements to add a dynamic dimension to an otherwise just a realistic scene. Most of the time I use acrylic paints, and occasionally I use oil paint. When I paint with oil, I incorporate cold vax medium which allows a creamier spread and some degree of transparency which allows for the underneath layers to be seen. I feel that I have much more to learn and get experience on, it is a continuing process of self-learning and self-improving, it is an amazing exploration that I feel so fortunate to be on.

Painting is not my first career. I have a BA degree in biophysical chemistry and have worked for Intel for 27 years. In parallel to my high-tech work, I kept learning and developing my painting skills by attending drawing classes and painting workshops in my free time. In 2015, I decided to leave Intel to pursue paintings as a professional career. Today, my paintings are displayed for sale in several Israeli galleries and on international on-line platforms. I have participated in several group exhibitions and have hosted a solo exhibition. ~ Miri Baruch

Canvas art painting and Miri Baruch

I created “Connection of hope” painting inspired by the covid-19 pandemic situation. Now that vaccinations for covid-19 are final available we start to feel some hope in this difficult time that has affected the entire world. This past year, more than ever, people have reach out to each other via social media, with the basic need to communicate with each other. With that new hope in mind, the woman is holding her hands together in a gesture of prayer and hope. I was also inspired by Rene Magritte in placing the woman figure in an imaginable situation, where her head (her mind) is floating in the sky together with hot balloons. The woman is facing to the left towards the sunlight. The sunbeams reaching her face represent a new day, a new hope, a new connection. The hot balloons were added as an inspiration of a memory in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I live for 2 years and witness the spectacular display of hot balloons in October each year.

Abstract figurative painting by Miri Baruch“Connection of Hope” Fantasy Figurative Painting, Acrylic on Canvas

the art of love by Miri BaruchMiri with Painting

in love art, the art of love by Miri Baruch

“Before I Kiss You” Acrylic on Canvas

Abstract figure painting by Miri Baruch“Beautiful Mind” abstract portrait painting, Acrylic on Canvas

Figurative abstract art by Miri Baruch“My Thoughs” Abstract Figure, Acrylic on Canvas

abstract figure and bird painting by Miri Baruch“The Pigeon Whisperer” Abstract Figure Painting, Acrylic On Canvas

The power of my wings abstract art by Miri Baruch“The Power Of My Wings” Figurative Abstract Art, Oil On Canvas

Abstract painting by Miri Baruch“Before The Storm” Abstract Acrylic Painting

Beautiful abstract painting by Miri Baruch“Blue Paths” Acrylic Abstract Art

Fantasy abstract painting by Miri Baruch“Fantasy” Abstract Acrylic Painting

The sea abstract painting by Miri Baruch“Under The Sea” Abstract Acrylic Large Painting

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