Creating stunning illustrations of Stylish women in black outfits by Hafousoi

Creating stunning illustrations of women in black outfits

Hello there, my name is Hafousoi and I am a 30 years old woman living in France. Let me introduce you into my universe called "Artbeat Diary" where women are the main characters. But first, let me try to explain my connection with art. Well it all begins with cinema....
Make realistic portrait by Denny Stoekenbroek

Draw Realistic Charcoal Portraits by Denny Stoekenbroek

I am a self-taught artist from the Netherlands who works with charcoal on paper. In the past, I used other mediums like acrylic paint, but found in charcoal a medium that works best for me to express my art. I make realistic charcoal portraits, but I also create cityscapes. The...
Charcoal Portrait Drawings Artist Jeff Haines

Portrait and Figure Artist Jeff Haines

My name is Jeff Haines and I am a portrait and figure artist currently living in California. Drawing and painting people is a challenging pursuit, but the attempt to capture someone's spirit while juggling form and anatomy has always fascinated me. It feels like chasing something intangible at times, but...
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