Illustrations to reflect inner world

Herbert Staljanssens illustrator of a parallel world

I am a Belgian artist. Architect by training and art teacher. I make illustrations to reflect my inner world. You will always find our family with dog depicted in it. In that sense, they are illustrations of my parallel inner world. The titles regularly refer to this moment. The only...
Charcoal Portrait Drawings Artist Jeff Haines

Portrait and Figure Artist Jeff Haines

My name is Jeff Haines and I am a portrait and figure artist currently living in California. Drawing and painting people is a challenging pursuit, but the attempt to capture someone's spirit while juggling form and anatomy has always fascinated me. It feels like chasing something intangible at times, but...
Emma Colbert Art Soft pastel drawings

Emma Colbert Art

I have worked as a professional artist for over 13 years and have specialised in soft pastel for even longer. I love this tactile medium. How saturated the colours are, how the pigment applies to the surface, and the control and versatility it gives you. I paint commissions, including pets,...
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