Abstract art painting by Sal Ponce Enrile
Abstract Art

Sal Ponce-Enrile Philippine-Based Legislator Turned Artist

Sal Ponce-Enrile is a Philippine-based legislator-turned-artist currently living in Manila. She creates beautiful, energetic, and emotionally-charged abstract paintings employing acrylic, mixed media, and a variety of textures.

Sal has mastered telling a story through her artwork, pulling subjects and taking slices from her own life and experiences, and inviting audiences to
take part or take something away.

Diagnosed with essential tremor where her right hand shakes uncontrollably, she liberates herself from this condition by allowing her hands to flow freely to
create work that is imperfect yet harmonious. Her art is a celebration of contrasting colors and brushstrokes that blend and mesh effortlessly, evoking “controlled chaos”.

Her ability to translate her raw, authentic emotions onto canvas in her own unique style has engaged viewers all over the world. Her works have been exhibited in private collections and museums in Manila, Germany, New York, Dubai, Rome, Florence, Milano, California, Tokyo, Zurich, and Marbella. Her paintings also now hang in the homes of several famous art collectors and celebrities, including an NBA player.

Today, her art is more than a career; it’s a commitment to enhance the lives of others through her art—all proceeds of her work go to her sponsored charities supporting health and education in the Philippines.

Abstract acrylic painting by Sal Ponce Enrile Vision. 8 x 4 ft. Acrylic on canvas.

Abstract art ideas by Sal Ponce EnrileEmpyreal. 4 x 3 ft. Acrylic on canvas on board.

abstract face painting by Sal Ponce EnrileCara. 4 x 3 ft. abstract face painting, Acrylic on canvas.

Abstract paintings by Sal Ponce Enrile

Cosmic Series No. 1. Acrylic on canvas on board. 4 x 3 ft.

Mixed media art by Sal Ponce EnrileCosmic series. No. 3. Acrylic on canvas on board. 4 x 3 ft.

Figure abstract art by Sal Ponce Enrile Fallen. 3 x 4 ft. Abstract figure art on canvas on board.

Acrylic abstract art by Sal Ponce Enrile Glory. 24 x 36 in. abstract acrylic painting on canvas.

Mixed media painting by Sal Ponce EnrileVillage. 42 x 55 in. Mixed media on canvas.

Abstract acrylic art by Sal Ponce Enrile Bella. 24 x 36 in. Acrylic on canvas.


Website: salsponceenrile.com
Instagram: @salsponceenrile
Facebook: @SalPonceEnrile

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