Mandarin duck body painting by Gesine Marwedel

Incredible Body Paintings Turns the Human Body as a Canvas

I started exploring body art in 2008 when I was asked by a photographer to do a face painting for one of his models. 2011 I had the idea of putting someone into one position and painting an animal on it and it worked very well. Since then I am doing body art all over the world for different projects like music videos, fairs, shows, events, art and also for private clients. Additionally, I am doing art exhibitions in galleries or museums with some of my favorite works as prints, that are for sale. In 2016 I even could quit my main job as an art therapist to completely focus on my art.

I love this kind of art, because the human body as a canvas is inspiring and challenging. I always have to deal with a 3D canvas, with lights and shadows, positions and proportions. A body painting takes between 4 to 10 hours and I have to finish the same day, which can be exhausting and stressful. It is very important to care well for the model, because they need to feel healthy, eat, drink and go to the toilet. Especially holding a position for a while can take lots of energy or even be painful. Usually, I start sketching outlines on the body while in the exact pose and then paint the whole thing in a different, relaxing position, so it is not so harmful to the model. Only for the photo, the model has to get into the pose.

Body painting is an art for only a short moment. Shortly after the photo session, the work of hours will be washed away forever. I use professional body painting colours, which are made for human skin and don´t feel itchy during the long day. They can easily be removed by a shower and some soap.

In times of Covid -19 and lockdown body painting is currently not allowed in Germany. So of course as many (makeup-) artists I can´t wait to work again and hope for more art, events, shows and exhibitions in the following years. ~ Gesine Marwedel

Deer body painting by Gesine MarwedelDeer – Photographer Mark Ruppelt

Deer body art by Gesine MarwedelDeer – Photographer Mark Ruppelt

Flamingo body art by Gesine MarwedelFlamingo -Photographer Thomas van de Wall

Dragonfly body art by Gesine Marwedel

Incredible body painting Dragonfly – Photographer Mark Ruppelt

Horse body art by Gesine MarwedelHorse – Photographer Mark Ruppelt

Mandarin duck body painting by Gesine MarwedelBody canvas painting Mandarin Duck – Photographer Mark Ruppelt

Blue Bird Bodypainting and Photo Gesine MarwedelBlue Bird Bodypainting and Photo: Gesine Marwedel

Turtle Body art by Gesine MarwedelTurtle – Photo Gesine Marwedel

Swan body art by Gesine MarwedelSwan in the lake – photo Peter Marwedel

Rhino Body art by Gesine MarwedelRhino – Photographer Mark Ruppelt

Seahorse body painting by Gesine MarwedelSeahorse – Photo Thomas van de wall

Dandelion body painting by Gesine MarwedelDandelion – Benjamin Ebert

Flower Body Painting by Gesine MarwedelFlower – Photographer Mark Ruppelt

Snowflake body painting by Gesine MarwedelSnowflake -Photographer Mark Ruppelt

Stay home stay healthy body art Corona – Photo Gesine Marwedel

Amazing Body Painting and Photo Gesine MarwedelBody Painting and Photo: Gesine Marwedel

Amazing Pigeon Body Painting and Photo Gesine MarwedelPigeon Body Painting and Photo: Gesine Marwedel

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