Painter Rita Howis
Abstract Art

The Artworks of Artist Rita Howis

Rita Howis is an artist by heart and architect by profession. Originally from Ufa (Bashkortostan, Russia) she has lived, studied and worked in 7 countries – Russia, U.S.A, Belgium, Austria, China, Spain and Denmark. For now, she happily settled in Copenhagen – the hotspot for art and design.

Art is a universal language, capable of spanning across borders and age groups. Rita’s mission is to create exclusive pieces of artwork that everybody can relate to regardless of their background and culture.

Inspired by nature, Rita has developed a unique technique that mimics our natural environment called Colorflow. She uses acrylic, mediums and sustainably sourced 24K gold. She uses Colorflow as a space to express her stories and intensions behind the art. Currently based in Copenhagen, her inspiration draws upon a vision to reflect the Danish design philosophy of minimalism and simplicity. International experience has helped to shape a contemporary global picture of art and design, while building a strong understanding of sustainability demands. Currently, Rita is working on the Colors for Climate series, portraying the landscapes across different parts of our planet to raise awareness about the environmental issues that we face.

Her art is showcased across the world – from Japan to the U.S. Coming from a multicultural environment and equipped with all the necessary skills, Rita is confident in making a positive contribution to the world through art. ~ Website: Rita Howis

Abstract painting by Rita Howis

Abstract acrylic painting by Rita Howis

Acrylic paint by Rita Howis

Abstract mixed media art by Rita Howis

Beautiful Abstract Paintings by Rita Howis

Abstract acrylic paint by Rita Howis

Abstract Acrylic Art by Rita Howis

Abstract Art by Rita Howis

Contemporary Art by Rita Howis

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