Inspiring Journey in the Clothing Industry
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Neli’s Inspiring Journey in the Clothing Industry

My name is Neli, from Bulgaria, where my whole team is based as well. In my early years I have graduated as a software engineer, but quickly understood where my passion is – fashion! Together with a close friend we founded a small company in Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria) which goal was to make the modern business lady feel sexy and comfortable. We were one of the first fashion companies in Bulgaria, supplying the market with unique business – oriented garments. This was the beginning of my journey back in 1991, a rough experience at first. I had only one friend, one connection related to the clothing business, one supplier and no co-workers, but still people adored my work, a drive that pushed me forward. With time the concept of our business evolved and expanded. Endless nights spent in designing and combining all the details to achieve the beauty and elegance I was looking for. I knew what my style is and I knew the taste of those who preferred my garments. My initial inspiration which quickly became one of the cornerstones of Danellys was the passion for fashion that goes beyond mass production. In my mind I was picturing each of our ladies being treated with extra care and making them the center of attention, rather the garment itself. This is why at Danellys we are committed to details, personalization, and the crafting of one-of-a-kind garments. We would like the garment to fit the person and not the other way around. This is why we offer personalization for each of our orders and we strive to bring every model we have on offer to fit perfectly, regardless of the ladies’ body shape! We can craft most of our models to fit perfectly a lady size 2 (XS) and go beyond size 18 (3XL). A lot of our ladies are looking for Plus Size clothing and we can easily offer them a lot of models. From there on, we can offer a variety of colors and even if requested a different fabric. We are trying to fulfil every whim, but always try to advise everyone where their creativity should end! We are proud of the numerous reviews we have received where ladies stated that they felt transformed by their Danellys garments. All of this happens without any compromise in quality, of course. We are working with one of the best suppliers of high-quality, sustainable materials like soft cotton, wool, 100% linen, and eco-friendly leather. These are partners with whom we have established a long relationship and they meet our and our clients’ demand even at the cost of going beyond our continent.

Over the years we established a small team full of ideas and love to fashion. People who were with me 25 years ago are still the backbone of Danellys! However, I am still the mail generator of ideas and this is the best part of my work which I just LOVE! Creating a design is a lot harder than most people think and one should follow all trends in the different regions where the garments are being offered. People in the US have a different taste than people in Australia, Italy or Switzerland. However we are aiming to cover most of Europe, US and Canada, even thou we ship worldwide. To be honest there is a specific time for the creative process, it does not happen always. Sometimes it could take me a few weeks before I clear my head and ideas start to come. Sometimes ideas spring up while I am driving and I have to stop and write them down. But our models are always designed to cater to different needs and seasons, from Spring-Summer to Autumn-Winter.

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Neli’s Clothing Industry Journey

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