Abstract Art

Acrylic Fluid art Paintings by Sandra Delaey
Abstract Art

Abstract Fluid Art Paintings by Artist Sandra Delaey

I’m an abstract fluid artist based in Belgium. Movement and colors are my passion, that is why fluid art is perfect for me. With this technique you thin paints down so they become fluid enough to manipulate them with different tools and techniques. My favourite technique must be the blow...
abstract shape paintings
Abstract Art

Erin Young’s Inspired Abstract Art Paintings

Erin is a life long resident of the Pacific Northwest. She has always loved art and exploring different mediums, and expressions. While her kids were in school, she volunteered her time as an art docent, teaching students what she loves. The experience was rewarding, giving inspiration to revisit her own...
Fluid Acrylic Paint Techniques by Lottie OMara
Abstract Art

Abstract Art Paintings by Lottie O’Mara

Lottie O’Mara is an abstract painter, living in Bella Vista, AR with her husband Jim, and their two dogs, Bella and Lady. She feels right at home in the natural state, enjoying many of the outdoor activities it has to offer such as hiking and kayaking. Lottie launched her business,...
Abstract Mixed Media Paintings Lizzie Alsop
Abstract Art

Abstract Mixed Media Paintings by Artist Lizzie Alsop

Lizzie is constantly inspired by the environment around her in the little coastal town on the Mornington Peninsula ( Australia) Working from her studio behind her family home, she explores the mediums of acrylic, pastel, oil and ink. She also works with collage and various mark-making techniques such as etching...
mixed media canvas art
Abstract Art

Nino Anin: Abstract Mixed Media Canvas Art Paintings

Variety has been my motto from very early on. I studied graphic design/visual communication, painting and photography, classical and modern dance and psychology. I experiment on different surfaces with acrylic, alcohol ink, encaustic and cold wax, oxide media and texture materials on paper, ceramic tiles, canvas and metal fondations, always aiming...
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