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Kibbi Linga artwork psychedelic abstract with acrylic paint

Kibbi Linga
Psychedelic Abstract Artist
Color Therapy and Trauma Informed

Artwork psychedelic abstract paintings with acrylic paint“Happy” I was brainwashed for 30 years, leaving me with my false self like a fucking imposter. True happiness was afar. Today, I’ve found my true self and true happiness and it looks like this painting. Yellow for happiness.
“I don’t want my happiness to be forged for me. I want and have my own.” – K.L.

“Rebirth” Acrylic on canvas

Artwork psychedelic abstract paintings with acrylic paintI was inspired to paint this to express my gratitude towards my progress in my PTSD recovery. This was one of the many marks of me “coming out on the other side.”
I reaffirmed myself that my old life, the one that was completely a lie and I was fully brainwashed in, was gone. POOF! It is no longer MY life. It is in my past, on a shelf, and has taught me beautiful lessons. It is not who I am today. This painting is my “Rebirth.” I am once again entering my “own world” of love, light and color. I get two lives in one!
“In with the good and out with the bad!” I get to truly live and breathe for the first time, and painting this got me really excited to do so! I love this beautiful world and I love how my new life!

“I Don’t Believe in Doubt” Acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 24″

Artwork psychedelic abstract paintings with acrylic paintI painted this when I started being aware of others’ doubting me! The things I wanted in life, were sometimes being doubted, even by loved ones! I felt SO discouraged and painted this. I painted my truth, “I (Kibbi Linga), do not believe in doubt. Kibbi is my inner child’s name. My inner child is my true self and I don’t believe in doubt.

“I Want to Trust” Acrylic on canvas, 20″x20″

Artwork psychedelic abstract paintings with acrylic paint

When hardships arise and life gets difficult, the hardest, yet the easiest thing for me to do is to trust. But like I said, it’s hard. I WANT to trust and since this painting, I have “let go” more and more.

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