Emma Create Incredible Book Sculptures by Emma Taylor

Using wire, wadding and book pages create intricate sculptures

Using wire, wadding and book pages I create sculptural forms which appear to emerge from the pages of old books. Each book I use relates to the theme of the piece so scouring second-hand bookshops is all part of my process. Sometimes a chance find inspiring a sculpture or alternatively...
Artist Prithika Deivasigamani Creates anti-memorials

Counter-memory Project: Memorializing Unbearable Memories

I am a practitioner of counter-memory, and I create sculptural installations that are anti-memorials of traumatic historical events. I present narratives that are elided from dominant cultural discourse to disrupt hegemonic collective memories. I founded the Counter-memory Project in 2008. Transnational in scope, it comprises of sculptural art installations that...
Jesse Thompson Art on Trendy Art Ideas

Jesse Thompson Art Dress-Up Series of Sculptures

In the case of the Dress-Up series of sculptures, there are two distinct processes involved in creating each piece - one that is of control and order and the other is of the opposite, of losing control and inviting chaos. The figurative element is created by modeling the children in...
Clay Based Flesh on TrendyArtIdeas

Polymer Clay Based Flesh Pots

My name is Bea (she/her) and I live in Leeds. I'm a Ph.D. student and I started Tender Flesh last year, after being diagnosed with MS. I make objects which seem alive and which reflect the fragility of my own body. My sculptures are very personal to me as they're...
Artist Pyotr Zaitsev

Artist Peter Zaytsev modern sculpture, concrete, wood, bronze

Peter Zaytsev is a well-known Russian architect and a co-founder of za bor architects. He designed buildings and spaces around Europe & Asia for big tech companies, created private interiors and designed Nagatinsky Zaton station for Moscow Metro. Having gained success and recognition in the field of architecture, Peter decided...
Cameo doll portrait by Xhanthi

Create small sculptural cameo doll portraits

My name is Xhanthi and I'm a mixed media artist, from Australia currently living in the US. I create small sculptural cameo portraits. My work travels through quite a few twists and turns before reaching completion. My pieces are designed using 3D software, then printed and finished with clay before...
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