Create fantasy creatures by cha-shcha
Sculpture Fantasy

Create Fantasy Creatures by Knyazeva

My name is Knyazeva Maria and I am the creator of the fairy-tale world of trolls called cha-shcha. I create fantastic creatures, mostly trolls, and small forest folk. I believe that there are many fabulous creatures in nature, but they are not shown to people. I fantasize about what they...
Tiger life-size replica by Artist Ami Zarug

Animal Replicas – Nature Handmade by Ami Zarug

For 15 years I've been sculpting animals, especially endangered ones. I have always been intrigued with the miracle of creation. Each animal I design has a different look to it. I start with the eyes and just go with the flow. I never work with real animal components, everything is...
Annie s figurative wire sculptures

Annie’s figurative wire sculptures are based on the life

Annie Glass is an Australian sculptor who lives on the Mornington Peninsula Victoria with her husband and three teenage sons. After completing her BA with honours in sculpture at Monash University (1996-98) she worked in bronze for some years. Looking for a quieter medium after having her first son she...
Italian Sculptor Creates Incredible Marble Sculptures

Italian Sculptor Creates Incredible Marble Sculptures

Veronika Bianchi is a Sculptor and painter, born in Slovakia, studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czech Republic and Carrara, Italy. She has spent several years working in various sculpture studios in Carrara, the European center of stone sculpture, famous for its white crystalline marble. She's...
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