Mike K Viner Sculptor on Trendy Art Ideas

Mike K. Viner Sculptor: The Importance of NOT Being Earnest

Having started modeling yet as a kid, and accordingly just for fun, I’ve never after managed to stop that light attitude to creation process. Naturally that fact didn’t help me to get a fundamental artistic education, but alternatively it has led me where I’m now – breaking the rules of...
Artist Pyotr Zaitsev

Artist Peter Zaytsev modern sculpture, concrete, wood, bronze

Peter Zaytsev is a well-known Russian architect and a co-founder of za bor architects. He designed buildings and spaces around Europe & Asia for big tech companies, created private interiors and designed Nagatinsky Zaton station for Moscow Metro. Having gained success and recognition in the field of architecture, Peter decided...
Cameo doll portrait by Xhanthi

Create small sculptural cameo doll portraits

My name is Xhanthi and I'm a mixed media artist, from Australia currently living in the US. I create small sculptural cameo portraits. My work travels through quite a few twists and turns before reaching completion. My pieces are designed using 3D software, then printed and finished with clay before...
Leslie Sealey Animal Sculptures

Leslie Sealey: Whimsical Animal Sculptures

I’m Leslie Sealey, a sculptor living in San Angelo, Texas. I’ve been an artist my whole life, but I have only focused on sculpting in the last two years. I’m hooked! Animals are my primary focus, especially birds. Birds are universally relatable. Even people who don’t have pets experience birds...
Create fantasy creatures by cha-shcha
Sculpture Fantasy

Create Fantasy Creatures by Knyazeva

My name is Knyazeva Maria and I am the creator of the fairy-tale world of trolls called cha-shcha. I create fantastic creatures, mostly trolls, and small forest folk. I believe that there are many fabulous creatures in nature, but they are not shown to people. I fantasize about what they...
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