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Celine Cruz full body makeup
Makeup Art

Beautiful Disney Body Paintings Makeup Artist Celine Cruz

My name is Celine Cruz, better known as ccmakeupartistt. I am Portuguese living in Germany. About being a makeup artist, I believe I didn't choose this profession by chance. For a long time, makeup was my refuge and my light at the end of the tunnel. On sad and dark...
Creative eye makeup looks by J'Lee
Makeup Art

J’Lee Christy Self-taught Makeup Artist

My name is J'Lee Christy (pronounced like JUH-lee) and I'm from Denver, Colorado. I am self-taught; I started my makeup account in June 2020, but I've been doing my own makeup for about 8 years. I have monolid-shaped eyes, and for years I always believed I would never be able...
Bria Beauty Makeup Artist
Makeup Art

The Bria Beauty Makeup Artist

My name is Bria, also known as Thebriabeauty. I am a mom of two, a singer-songwriter and a makeup artist. My favorite looks to create are looks inspired by nature and colors that I see in my day to day life. I also like to sometimes just let my hand...
Amazing Makeup Art by Glamflowerx
Makeup Art

Creative Makeup Art by Keely Glamflowerx

Keely (glamflowerx) is a makeup content creator from Ontario, Canada. From a very young age, she has always had a huge passion for art and makeup. Keely grew up watching makeup tutorials and haul videos from some of the original beauty Youtubers and dreamed to be like them. In high...
Annie Beautiful Eye Makeup Looks by Annie sachdevaa
Makeup Art

Beautiful Eye Makeup Looks by Annie

My journey has been very challenging and beautiful at the same time. There were so many things I figured out in the process, there's so much more to explore. My makeup style is very much on the creative side. I like to do eye-looks that challenge me and my skills....
Mermaid princess face paint by Marta Ortega
Makeup Art

Marta Ortega Spanish Makeup Artist and Face Painter

Marta Ortega is a Spanish makeup artist and face painter from Spain. She started doing it as a hobby in 2015, when she was studying Hispanic philology at the University of Seville, without knowing that it would later become her profession. After finishing her degree, she realized that what she...
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