Amazing Makeup Art by Glamflowerx
Makeup Art

Creative Makeup Art by Keely Glamflowerx

Keely (glamflowerx) is a makeup content creator from Ontario, Canada. From a very young age, she has always had a huge passion for art and makeup. Keely grew up watching makeup tutorials and haul videos from some of the original beauty Youtubers and dreamed to be like them. In high school she took cosmetology classes that really changed her view on makeup. Her teacher saw how much she loved makeup and encouraged her to compete in a skills competition—something she would have never done without her teachers encouragement, and it made her realize how she really wanted to pursue makeup in some way. When Keely graduated high school in 2018 she took a year off to work and realized she really needed a creative outlet. She decided to start posting makeup content consistently and develop her skill. Keely thinks it’s really therapeutic to create and makeup has helped her a lot through college now as a busy dental hygiene student.

Sharing her art online has been so fun and she really appreciates that people enjoy what she creates. Keely has always adored bright colours, flowers, rainbows, and really anything cute, so incorporating these things into her work brings her a lot of joy. She hopes she can inspire more people with her art and love for makeup in the future. – Keely, Glamflowerx

Keely head in the clouds rainbow purple body paint“head in the clouds” rainbow purple body paint

Rainbow skull makeup look GlamflowerxRainbow skull look

Keely Mirror rainbow mirror makeup look“mirror, mirror” rainbow mirror look, one of my favourites

Keely Full gem clown amazing makeup look

Full gem clown with inspiration pulled from Jord Shea

Keely Dreamy rainbow swirl makeup look“Dreamy” rainbow swirl look, another really popular look of mine that gets recreated often

Keely Cow heart makeup lookCow heart look, one of my more popular looks that I see recreated often

Keely freak show Clown makeup look“freak show” Clown look with inspiration pulled from Christiana Gabrielle

Keelys beautiful makeup looksGreen Graphic liner look

Keely stunning makeup lookAnother more wearable look, I love doing a mix for everyone’s enjoyment

Colorful eye makeup looks by keely irvineColorful Eye Makeup Look

Amazing makeup art by keely irvine Pretty Halloween Makeup Look

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