Ukrainian artist Natali Ferrary
Makeup Art

Body Art Painting Artist Natali Ferrary

Born in 1981, Natali Ferrary is a Ukrainian artist with an Italian heart, who began her artistic activity in adolescence, as a self-taught person, initially approaching the figurative, until she experimented and resulted in less canonical forms of expression, such as: abstract painting, pop art, digital art, body painting, performance art, contemporary art design, cosplay and etc. It will not be superfluous to focus on her accessories, which, among other things, are handmade by the artist.

Her career dates back to the 2010s with her first personal exhibition in January 28, 2012 Taomina, Sicily
The artist Natali Ferrary is also the founder of a cultural association called “ARTE REALE”, with which she organizes and promotes various cultural and artistic events mainly in Italy. ~ @nataliferrary

Natali Ferrary Bodyart performance Festival

Body art painting by Natali Ferrary

Stunning Body painting by Artist Natali Ferrary

Amazing body painting art by artist Natali Ferrary

Colorful body painting Artist Natali Ferrary

Body beautiful painting Artist Natali Ferrary

Gorgeous body painting by artist Natali Ferrary

Body art cosplay by Natali Ferrary

Body painting Festival by Artist Natali Ferrary

Body painting by Natali Ferrary

Full Body Painting by Natali Ferrary

Body art cosplay costume by Natali Ferrary

body painting art by Natali Ferrary

Full Body Art Painting by Natali Ferrary

Full body art painting Lucia Chamorro

Body Art by Natali Ferrary

body painting images Natali Ferrary

There are some of her main exhibitions/events:
October 8 2020 – EXPO 2020, Dubai (UEA) + Catalog “Re d’Italia Art”;
August 23 2020 – BeneBienale, International Exhibition of Conteporanea Art of Benevento + catalog;
25 January 2020 – EROTICicamente, collective exhibition in the Luiggi Rosa gallery in via dei Cappelari (RM)
4 December 2019 – Catalog of the Collezoni d’Arte Italiane Private 2019 Exhibition, Miami Beach, Florida (USA);
29 December 2019 – Virtual catalog of the 5th ad. ne Visual Arts Great Trohy “THE COLORS OF ART”; December 15, 2019 – Contemporary art exhibition “THE COLORS OF ART”, Palazzo Fruscione, Salerno; 13-15 September 2019 – BodyArt performance @ “Homage to Luciano Visconti”, Villa Arbusto, Ischia; 6 April 2019 – BodyArt performance “Natural Elements”, Catania;
13 April 2019 – Bienal ISLAND of contemporary art, Ortigia, Syracuse
14-15 September 2019 – BodyArt performance, “Homage to Luciano Visconti”, Villa La Colombaia, Ischia;
17 September 2018 – Collective exhibition and Bodyart performance on the Orient Festival (NA); 12 July 2018 – Collective exhibition “EMOTIONS IN COLORS” Torione di Forio, Ischia
November 16, 2018 – Competition + collective exhibition theme “ORIENTE”, Catania;
16 August 2017 – International collective exhibition in Cefala Diana castle (PA);
May 20, 2017 – Collective exhibition and body art performance “ARTISTIC SENSATION” Sisal Wincity, Catania;
8 December 2017 – First international collective at the Montevergini gallery in Syracuse;
22 September 2016 – Collective exhibition and Bodyart performance at the Festival del’Oriente (NA)
19 May 2016 – Personal exhibition BodyArt performance “Neapolitan Baroque” Piazza Vanvitelli Libreria mondadori, Naples
11 March 2016 – “EROS” artistic event, CRYSTALS-RAGNO ROOM, Catania;
9 June 2015 – BodyArt performance “A THOUSAND FACES OF EROS” at the Rotonda Belvedere, Naples; 28 January 2012 Personal exhibition, at the Municipal Library of Sant’Agostino, Taormina;

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