Cartoon character nail art designs by Ceirra Carlini-Smith
Makeup Art

Ceirra Carlini-Smith Hand Painted Nail Art

I love hand-painted nail art! I have been incredibly blessed with clients that love letting me freestyle and do whatever I want on their nails. There is something so empowering about being able to come up with my own ideas and bring them to life on peoples nails. Halloween is my favorite time of year in general, but also for nails because even those that don’t normally do nail art get art during the Halloween season and that makes my heart happy.

I also love to educate clients and nonclients about nail safety! Over the years I have seen way too many people come in that don’t know what kind of product they have on their nails, they don’t know the difference between different products and services, and people with damaged nail beds – whether it’s from ripping off the product or the tech being too rough with the e-file. Nail services get such a bad rap for “ruining natural nails”, but it comes down to people on both sides being uneducated on what getting your nails done should be like. It should never be painful and you should never be afraid to ask questions! I also want to educate people to be mindful of the ingredients used in the products that are being used. I use high-quality products, that are 10-free, meaning that they are free of the top 10 most toxic chemicals commonly found in nail products! I’m hoping that by talking about these things, the negative connotation around getting your nails done will lessen and more people will look to nail techs that prefer quality over quantity. ~ @ceirrasnails

Halloween movie nail art by Ceirra Carlini-SmithJack and Sally Nail designs

Skull and candy corn flowers nail art by Ceirra Carlini-SmithSkull and Candy corn flowers Nail Art

Don be a baby nail art designs by Ceirra Carlini-SmithWednesday Addams Nails Art

Cartoon characters nail art by Ceirra Carlini-Smith

Spongebob themed Halloween Nail Art

Jack Skellington by Ceirra Carlini-SmithNail Art Jack Skellington / Harry Potter mash up

Hand Painted Nails by Ceirra Carlini-SmithHalloween Planchette Hearts on Nails

Pumpkin king nail art by Ceirra Carlini-SmithPumpkin King Nail Art

Scream nail art by Ceirra Carlini-SmithDesigner Scream Nail Art

lovely nail art designs by Ceirra Carlini-SmithHalloween themed French Nail Designs

let s boogie which oogie nail art by Ceirra Carlini-SmithLet’s Boogie with Oogie Nail Art

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