Makeup Art

Abstract Nail Art Designs by Raiza on Trendy Art Ideas
Makeup Art

Trendy Nail Art Designs by Raiza

My name is Raiza. I've always been interested in doing my nails even before I created my account. My love for nail polish grew even more when I learned new techniques and skills on how to create nail art. Gradient was the first technique I've ever tried and it has...
Self Taught Makeup Artist
Makeup Art

Self-taught Makeup Artist Ashley Hainey

My name is Ashley Hainey, I am a self-taught makeup artist from Edinburgh. To me makeup is art, makeup is passion, makeup is expression. I love how I can start with a blank canvas and become whoever I want to be. I love sharing my makeup creations and also spreading...
Eye makeup art by Kristen
Makeup Art

Colorful & Sparkly Eye Makeup Looks by Kristen

My name is Kristen, also known as Macromakeup_ on Instagram. I've been posting my work on my page for a little over 2 years now. I'm self taught completely, I started watching YouTube tutorials which really sparked my interest in trying it myself. Sitting down and creating makeup looks is...
Cartoon character nail art designs by Ceirra Carlini-Smith
Makeup Art

Ceirra Carlini-Smith Hand Painted Nail Art

I love hand-painted nail art! I have been incredibly blessed with clients that love letting me freestyle and do whatever I want on their nails. There is something so empowering about being able to come up with my own ideas and bring them to life on peoples nails. Halloween is...
Ukrainian artist Natali Ferrary
Makeup Art

Body Art Painting Artist Natali Ferrary

Born in 1981, Natali Ferrary is a Ukrainian artist with an Italian heart, who began her artistic activity in adolescence, as a self-taught person, initially approaching the figurative, until she experimented and resulted in less canonical forms of expression, such as: abstract painting, pop art, digital art, body painting, performance...
Stunning Makeup Artist Christa Rice Christa Rice
Makeup Art

Stunning Makeup Artist Christa Rice

My name is Christa Rice or @christaricemakeup on all of my socials. I have been into makeup for as long as I can remember! When I was about 5 years old my mother sold Avon and I was fascinated with those mini lipsticks. I used to sneak them from her...
Celine Cruz full body makeup
Makeup Art

Body Paint Makeup Artist Celine Cruz

My name is Celine Cruz, better known as ccmakeupartistt. I am Portuguese living in Germany. About being a makeup artist, I believe I didn't choose this profession by chance. For a long time, makeup was my refuge and my light at the end of the tunnel. On sad and dark...
Creative Makeup Artist Paige Marie
Makeup Art

Paige Marie Creative Makeup Artist

Makeup is my passion, I have been doing since I could pick up a lipstick, studying at college, university and learning new and amazing skills. I always keep the practice up and learn more and more on every job. Love being creative with makeup from bridal to body paint, crazy...
Creative eye makeup looks by J'Lee
Makeup Art

J’Lee Christy Self-taught Makeup Artist

My name is J'Lee Christy (pronounced like JUH-lee) and I'm from Denver, Colorado. I am self-taught; I started my makeup account in June 2020, but I've been doing my own makeup for about 8 years. I have monolid-shaped eyes, and for years I always believed I would never be able...
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