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Beautiful Disney Body Paintings Makeup Artist Celine Cruz

My name is Celine Cruz, better known as ccmakeupartistt. I am Portuguese living in Germany.

About being a makeup artist, I believe I didn’t choose this profession by chance. For a long time, makeup was my refuge and my light at the end of the tunnel. On sad and dark days, putting on makeup “just” to take a picture was all I had left, and believe me, it made me very happy to see the result and feel beautiful. It made me and makes me very good.

So, I believe that makeup goes far beyond beauty, superficiality or aesthetics, it is a manifest of self-esteem. And self-esteem takes us away from fears, anxiety and depression. I feel that one of my missions on Earth is to do this and do it for love, for pleasure.

I love all kinds of makeup, but my favorite is definitely bodypaint or full-bodypaint! I feel that I can be whoever I want, be creative and express everything I feel when I pick up the brush.

Recently I have been working more on full body painting using my own body to create characters involved in movies, series and even in the Disney world! I created a harry potter saga and was recognized by the harry potter page, which made me very grateful for everything.

I’m very grateful for everything I’ve achieved so far, I started with very little, with 1 eyeshadow palette and 3 brushes! But I went ahead and in my heart, I knew this was what I wanted for the rest of my life! I’m confident that one day I can work on special effects, bodypainting or makeup people in movies, series etc… but in the meantime, I’ll fight every day to make my dream come true.

I just want to thank you for the opportunity given to tell my story of my dream. I hope people can go see what I do to see how much love I put in each makeup. You can check out more on my socials ~ @ccmakeupartistt

Lion King body painting by Celine Cruz

Cartoon body painting by Celine Cruz

Pocahontas body painting by Celine Cruz

Mulan Body painting art

The Lady and the Tramp body painting art

Hakuna Matata body painting Celine Cruz

Kim Possible body painting Celine Cruz

Libra body painting Celine Cruz

Avatar Disney body painting by Celine Cruz

Princess body painting by Celine Cruz

Fiti full body full body makeup Celine Cruz

Stranger Things body painting Celine Cruz

Hakuna matata body paint Celine Cruz


Harry potter hedwig body painting Celine Cruz

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  1. Your paintings are very beautiful. I had emotional feelings as well as visual. This is unusual. Wish you the very best in the coming years. You are very talented.

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