Eye makeup art by Kristen
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Colorful & Sparkly Eye Makeup Looks by Kristen

My name is Kristen, also known as Macromakeup_ on Instagram. I’ve been posting my work on my page for a little over 2 years now. I’m self taught completely, I started watching YouTube tutorials which really sparked my interest in trying it myself. Sitting down and creating makeup looks is how I deal with stress & anxiety. It’s truly helped me through so much. Nothing makes me happier than for others to see my work and truly enjoy what I do. My main focus is doing macro photography of my looks (that’s where my username Macromakeup_ came from). Macro photography is just so interesting to me. You can see all the beautiful details up close that a normal camera lens doesn’t pick up. It’s also very aesthetically pleasing so I really enjoy it. My looks are all very colorful & sparkly, just like my personality. My goal as a makeup artist is to continue to grow as an artist and gain more following on my platform. I also plan to venture into doing tutorials because I get asked very often if I do them. Achieving the perfect blend is the most satisfying part of doing my looks I think, I’ve grown so much in that area. I always get compliments about my blends and the precision of looks which I’m so thankful that others can notice it too. I really enjoy helping others to gain the knowledge about makeup and products thats I use to achieve the looks I do. Anytime I can help someone with anything makeup related I will. Getting noticed by brands is also reassuring to me that others really value my work as much as I do myself. I’m very excited to see how far I go within the makeup community and looking back to see all the growth I’ve had within myself and my work later on. ~ @Macromakeup_

Creative glitter eye makeup by Kristen

Stunning eye makeup by Kristen

Trendy eye makeup looks by Kristen

Eye makeup look by Kristen

Beautiful eye makeup look by Kristen

Glitter eye makeup looks by Kristen

Nice glitter eye makeup by Kristen

Lovely glitter eye makeup by Kristen

Glitter eye makeup ideas by Kristen

Trendy eye makeup looks by Kristen

Glitter eye makeup look by Kristen

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