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Meet Giada: The Amazing Make-Up Artist and Body Painter

My name is Giada, aka Bassolina, and I’m Italian. My passion for makeup has always been there since childhood, but I discovered my love for body painting when I attended the makeup academy.

I was able to learn about this wonderful art and I was able to experiment with different techniques and ways of painting. I have always been an artistic person, but with bodypainting and face painting, it was love at first sight! See art in paintings has always been beautiful to me, but beeing able to see it moving on people’s bodies is truly MAGICAL!

I share my art on social media to show what it really is: it’s not only a hobby, it’s not a five-minute job, it’s hours and hours of work and that’s how it should be represented.

Nothing comes without hard work and a desire to learn and this is what has helped me improve more than anything. When you start from scratch, you are sure you can only improve, but you have to keep working to do better. There is always the possibility to improve yourself and learn. I live for challenge myself and learn new things every day!

I hope to be able to let people know about this art more and more so that other people can become interested in the topic. In a world where we are all in a rush, art can truly be a breath of fresh air, it is not a waste of time but rather a help to escape from a reality that is sometimes too chaotic and create another different and wonderful one. I consider art an OPPORTUNITY and I hope to be able to convey all this through my works. Never give up on your dreams, you can truly achieve anything! ~ @bassolina_

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