Creates beautiful pet memorial

Pet Portraits with Ashes: A Beautiful Way to Remember Lost Pets

Pet portrait painter Zann Hemphill creates amazing pet memorial paintings that can incorporate a lost pet’s ashes right into the artwork.

Zann’s clients mail pets’ ashes to her studio, where she works with them to craft an oil painting that captures a favourite moment on canvas.

From Zann:

“I love that my clients are people who extend their family to include their pets, who allow their lives be touched by the incredible companionship animals to have to offer. By mixing ashes into these portraits, ash memorial paintings become a physical as well as a visual representation for each lost pet, and a comfort to families who are dealing with the absence of their companions.

When I create ash memorials I have time to get to know more about the pets and their people, as a small packet takes a journey through the mail to my studio. By the time it arrives, we’ve usually figured out the composition and reference material, and I’ll have gotten started with a painted sketch on canvas.”

As Zann goes through the painting process, clients get updates by email and have a chance to give feedback about how the piece is progressing. By the time the painting is complete, they know every detail is in place.

“It’s incredibly satisfying sending the ashes back-transformed into artwork; providing a place in the home for pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge.”

Amazing pet memorialZann with an 18″ x 24″ memorial portrait of Dexter

Beautiful Way to Remember Lost PetsZann and Cinnamon Boots, a 24″ x 24″ ash memorial oil painting

Zann Hemphill Pet Portrait artistCinnamon Boots in-progress

Pet Paintings with Ashes

Adding ashes to the artwork

Cat Painting with Oil paint by Zann HemphillFinal Memorial Painting of Cinnamon Boots

Pet Memorial PortraitsReference and final artwork together

Cat portrait paintingMore from Zann’s Studio: Mimou the Cat

Dog portrait painting“Chaka”, a 24″ x 30″ Great Dane Dog Memorial Painting

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