Creating Realistic Paintings with the Airbrush Techniques

Creating Realistic Paintings with the Airbrush Effect

I started airbrush art in the 80s, when the Airbrush was making a statement. I did start just using airbrush techniques for years. Then I experimenting with paint and textures. I like to use the paint brushes with pencils to give a more dramatic effect.

My work has evolved over the years, and I enjoy experimenting with different techniques with different airbrushes, fine detail work, skin shading giving it a photo realistic effect and atmospheric effects.

Astronomy and fantasy art are where my journey began with art and using the airbrush. I wanted my art to be as realistic as possible and mastering the airbrush. I finally achieved the realistic image I wanted. Fantasy art has always evolved as I painted. I let my imagination run wild, I did not have a specific idea of what the end product would be like until it was finished.

My portrait art stared by accident. I had just finished a painting that I wasn’t happy with so I threw it out, then by chance my wife spotted it and completely fell in love with it. That painting of the hipster with the tattoos and a few mouths later it was sold in a gallery in Scotland. My latest work has been of landscape cities with a futurist twist, painted on wooden panels which I now prefer to canvas.

My work is now in galleries and commissions come through my art agent and though different avenues, for example murals companies who like my art and have it blown up for murals. My inspiration these days comes from interiors, nature and old masters. I then try and make it my own, wanting to deliver something unique.  ~ @Art by Andrew C Stewart

Realistic painting blue girl

Realistic painting blue girl

Pretty girl painting

Airbrush painting of a beautiful young girl

Realistic painting woman

Airbrush effect girl painting

Beautiful airbrush surealism art

Portrait man portrait painting

Fantasy landscape art

Beautiful landscape airbrush moon painting

Airbrush mural landscape painting

Beautiful airbrush landscape painting

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