Polymer Clay Artist Laura
Sculpture Fantasy

Cute Dragons Hand Sculpted Using a Variety of Polymer Clays

My name is Laura and I am a self taught polymer clay artist, based just outside of London. Art has always been a passion of mine alongside my love of fantasy and mythical creatures so I combined the two and the Dinky Dragons were born.

My style and skill level has definitely changed over the years, and as an artist it will continue to do so as there is always so much to learn. I love to try new techniques and materials (not always with great success, but sometimes it just works)

Each little character is lovingly hand sculpted using a variety of polymer clays. When using coloured clay I add depth and personality by shading with chalk pastels, and when using flesh toned clays I will paint the final piece with acrylic paints.

My main inspiration has to be mother nature and I feel this shows in my range of collections throughout the year, depending on the season. My favourites seasons being Spring and Autumn.

When designing a dragon the overall look I want to achieve is the cuteness factor, big eyes and cheeky expressions and poses, in the hope that imaginations run wild with thoughts of what antics the dragons will get up to when no one is looking.
I start with a theme in mind but the dragons really do take on a life of their own during the process and each one is completely unique.

The only downside to having a creative brain is that it never switches off (I’m sure all other artists and designers would agree) particularly at night, when ideas seem to pop into my head the most! (having a notebook at the side of my bed has been brilliant)
I feel so very lucky to be able to do a job I love, and full of pride (thanks to all my wonderful customers) that my Creations have spread Dinky Dragon cheer all over the world. ~ Dinky Dragons

Polymer clay dragon with wings by Laura

Cool little dragon ideas by artist Laura

Dragon polymer clay ideas by artist Laura

Make dragon with clay by artist Laura

Polymer clay dragon by artist Laura

Polymer clay dragons by artist Laura

Polymer clay ideas dragon by Laura

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