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Gerardo Labarca: Breathing Life into Canvas – Contemporary Artistry

Gerardo Labarca hails from Maracaibo, Venezuela, but at the age of 21, he made the move to Montreal, Canada. His early education gave him a taste of the art world, and this taste eventually grew into a full-blown passion. What’s interesting is that Labarca’s career didn’t start on the canvas but in Montreal’s restaurant scene, where he found success at places like Pinxto, Zumaia, Bar et Boeuf, and Mezcla.

However, the pull of art was undeniable. At 47, Labarca decided to dedicate himself to painting full-time, leaving behind a trail of culinary memories. Yet, his love for art never waned; it remained a constant in his life.

Before diving into painting, he explored visual art through self-teaching, conversations with fellow artists, and a willingness to experiment. He questioned and pushed himself to understand the nuances of movement, light, and color.

Spontaneity became his guiding principle as he organized his workspace meticulously. His studio was efficient and orderly, providing him with the perfect environment to paint with joy. Painting became an essential need, like a sixth sense he developed with confidence.

Labarca had a keen eye for detail, and he didn’t let technicalities hinder his creativity. He painted with spontaneity, using his senses to infuse emotions into his work. His paintings were vivid and realistic, and he had a unique vision that brought them to life.

His success as an artist came quickly, thanks to his innate artistic instinct. He poured his heart and soul into his work, using colors, movements, shapes, and textures to convey emotions. His art wasn’t just about aesthetics; it was a window into his soul, inviting viewers to explore and experience.

Labarca was a true “lover of love,” and his studio radiated happiness with the presence of his animals and thriving plants. His journey through the art world is a testament to the power of passion and the human spirit’s capacity for creativity. His canvases invite us to share in his inexhaustible well of expression. ~

Dreamers Figurative Mixed media on canvas

Beautiful Girl painting on canvas

Hands And Feet Figurative Art

Hands and girl beautiful painting

Hands fear and sad girl painting

Icarus figure painting

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