Lemons abstract painting by Svitlana Sherstiuk
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Artist Interview: Svitlana Sherstiuk

Svitlana Sherstiuk is Ukraine artist. She has been always interested in art and painting in particular. Finished Maryya Zankovets’ka Art School in Nizhyn (2004) and also graduated from Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, Faculty of Design (2011) so, painting has always been her greatest passion and source of inspiration.

More of her unique art can be found on Instagram at @svitlanasherstiuk.

 How they become artists

 At the age of seven, I first saw a wild primeval powerful forest. I remember that I was so impressed by these colors and the power of nature that I came and began to draw it from memory. Regular children’s pencils and paints. I got a good color rendering and liked the process. From that moment on, I began to draw consciously. I sketched everything I saw: a grandmother watching TV; father sleeping on the couch. She mainly painted portraits.

 At the age of 12 I was taken to an art school. It’s late. Other children entered the art school in 3-4 grade, and I in the seventh. Therefore, I went on an accelerated program: the first year in three. The program included painting, pencil drawing, modeling, art history, guitar. Even if you have an artistic direction, you definitely need to study both music and dancing. Classes 4 times a week, as I remember now: Monday, Wednesday, Friday after school, Saturday a full day of art. In the morning I was drawing and playing the guitar for four hours. I didn’t have the feeling that it was difficult to combine it with ordinary studies. No, it was not hard labor. I went to art school like home.

 Talent or work

 There is one law – you need to draw every day. Talent is given from birth, but only work turns it into a skill. When I take a short break, I notice that it takes a little time for the hand to remember the brush.

  Physics and mathematics artist

 After school, I entered the university to study physics and mathematics. I know this is surprising. Firstly, mathematics is my love, I was always carried away by it, in parallel with painting. Secondly, the pressure of circumstances. As it usually happens in our realities: “First, get a serious profession.”
In my fourth year in physics and mathematics, I decided that I also needed an art education. And she entered the second higher education, specialty “Fashion designer”. Why clothes? Because only in this specialty there was an evening form of education. Thus, in the fifth year I combined two universities.

Second higher education

 Everyone arrives at the second higher level conscious. And they know what they want. There were 11 girls in the group. And all were realized in creative professions.
I was a girl from Physics and Mathematics. Studying as a fashion designer, studying the history of fashion, of all the great fashion designers, I myself acquired that femininity that I had not noticed before.

 About overcoming

 There are no barriers when there is a strong desire. In the fifth year, I studied physics and mathematics in Nizhyn from morning until 13.00, then 2.5 hours in Kiev, studied to become a designer, and returned home at 12.00 at night. So every day. I did not go home to Nizhyn, but stayed overnight with my future husband. At the police dorm. Secretly, because officially it could not be done. Now imagine a situation: a small room, in it three male police officers who are going to work, discussing incidents and crime (sometimes using foul language). And me: a romantic person sitting at an easel with brushes and paints. Drawing a cat, for example. A life of contrasts, I call it.

 Mom draws in the hallway

 When I had children, I could draw only at night. I sit in the hallway and draw the room, leaving a small room in the sons’ room. The main thing for children is that they can see me when they fall asleep or suddenly wake up suddenly.

Books about the development of creativity

 What books are you talking about? I haven’t read them Ideas around me. The more knowledge, travel, communication, the more ideas. I watch what other artists draw. I follow the development of technology. The same fashion designers: in many ways, their collections depend on new fabrics. Fabrics are technologies. And a scientist came up with a new thread. The same goes for artists: the new fabric can be used as canvas.

 Providence leads your hand?

 [Sveta is silent]
Not. I believe in the power of attraction. When I crave something and stubbornly move in this direction, you attract people who can contribute to your development.

 Exhibition in Italy

 It was difficult for me to start my Instagram, to promote myself, not someone else’s brand [Sveta is a professional in marketing and branding]. At a certain moment, I realized that I had gathered my audience of adherents who follow my work, praise, comment. I gained confidence that my paintings are liked not only by friends and relatives, and began to write letters to galleries all over the world. I wrote a lot: this is a story about 100 No for the sake of one Yes. Each gallery has its own style, the director of the gallery selects artists to his liking. It so happened that in Italy I am good:)

Snake abstract oil on canvas by Svitlana Sherstiuk“Snake” Oil on canvas, 120×90 cm.

Sky abstract oil on canvas by Svitlana Sherstiuk“Sky” Oil painting on canvas on cardboard, 50×70 cm.

Lemons abstract oil painting by Svitlana Sherstiuk“Lemons” Oil on canvas, 90×120 cm.

Kivi abstract painting by Svitlana Sherstiuk

“Kivi” Oil on canvas, 90×60 cm.

Italy vineyards painting by Svitlana Sherstiuk“Italy Vineyards”

Bright emotions abstract paintings“Bright emotions” Oil on canvas, 90×120 cm.

Blue mushroom abstract on canvas“Blue mushroom” Oil on canvas, 60×40 cm.

Lemons abstract painting by Svitlana Sherstiuk“Blue lemons” Oil on canvas, 40×60 cm.

Abstract figure Oil painting by Svitlana Sherstiuk“Abstract figure art” Oil on canvas, 100×80 cm.

Abstract figure painting by Svitlana Sherstiuk“Woman with passion” Abstract figure painting, Acrylic on canvas, 40×60 cm.


The text was written by Alexandra Ilyina. Instagram @artsandra

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