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Shutter Sorcery is all about chasing down dreams. If I have a strike of muse, or an idea to create something magical, I need to bring that vision to life. The same goes for my clients. I am a self-proclaimed idea machine that never stops turning. I see beauty in the mundane and I want the world to, not just see it, but feel it. I want my clients to know they are exquisite and unique, no matter their body-type, gender, etcetera. Each image I create has its own style and story. I have been told that I need to “pick a lane” and produce more uniformity in my photos, but it feels forced. If my business suffers, fine, but my art will not. It is as vulnerable and varied as though it is a living thing. Processing an image into a story takes time… and usually several days in the editing room. It is like listening for a song you can barely hear and trying to make out the words. Each one is different and some are easier than others. Some photos become composites because they’re missing a little something and aren’t singing to me yet. Other times they flow out of me naturally and almost effortlessly. Though, perfectionism is a problem. I will come back to a finished piece months later and tweak details; honestly, I’m much too critical, most of the time I’ll scrap the previous version and rework the whole thing. But that’s the amazing thing about art: you can change it, reshape it, and go at it anew; create something completely different from before and it’s still art. My more recent endeavors have led me toward teaching photography. I am trying to incorporate that into my social media. Giving tips via photo and text only is more difficult than I would have expected. Now more than ever it is important that I try. Photography is accessible to everyone and I want to help everyone make art. ~ @shuttersorcery

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