Linda Hamilton handmade Paper Wildflowers
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Linda Hamilton – Paper Wildflowers

I am an artist living and working in Almonte, Ontario, Canada. My current focus is on paper botanical sculptures. This series is a group of 55 paper wildflowers. Each flower has been created by hand using paper, wire, glue and paint. My research for this project involved finding and pressing over 100 species of wildflowers. In learning the names and characteristics of these plants, I discovered that many of them were non-native to my area. I have denoted the non-native species with a grey background in an effort to educate my audience about the presence of non-native species. When showing these to others I am amazed at the strength of emotions that wildflowers can evoke. Each flower tells a story of the season, conditions, and environment of its growth. By their very nature, wildflowers are tied to the location where they grow and can therefore help create a sense of place and belonging as well as a respect for the natural world around us. ~ @daydream_flowers

Collection all the time wildflowers by Linda HamiltonI am adding to my collection all the time! Native flowers have a cream background while non-natives have a grey background.

Creations wild rose paper by Creations wild rose paper by Linda HamiltonMy Wild Rose.

Make Paper Flowers Wildflowers by Linda HamiltonThe flowers are mounted into shallow 6 x 9″ shadow boxes.

Paper Wetlands by Linda Hamilton

Here is a larger shadow box that depicts multiple flowers and plants growing together.

Paper Wildflower Boxes by Linda HamiltonWild Columbine, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Blue Flag Iris, and Marsh Marigold are all beautiful native spring flowers.

Pickerelweed grows in late summer by Linda HamiltonPickerelweed grows in late summer near the edges of rivers, lakes and streams.

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