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Dark Surrealism Photography Jaqueline Vanek
Photography Art

Dark Surrealism Self Portrait Photography

Jaqueline Vanek was born in Austria in 1984 and is currently living in Madrid, Spain. She is an award-winning Fine Art Photographer, Visual Artist & Senior Visual UI/UX Designer. Her photographic artist journey started back in 2005, after her studies in Fine Arts, Casting and Moulding. Having experimented with many...
Model Sophia Fine Art Photographer Liancary
Photography Art

Self-taught Fine Art Photographer Liancary

I'm a self-taught fine art photographer from Germany and I mainly focus on strong, yet feminine characters. For my latest project, I got inspired by the Greek mythology about Alcyone, the daughter of Aeolus, god of wind and Alectrona, the goddess of the sun. Alcyone is also the brightest star...
Creative self portrait photography ideas
Photography Art

Vanessa Skotnitsky Photographic Artist

My name is Vanessa Skotnitsky, I am a photographic artist. During my lifetime I have experienced issues with mental health, family and friends with addictions issues, domestic abuse and living in poverty. At times it felt like the dark stuff in life was attached to me. I have always had...
Indering Narcissus conceptual portrait photography Elena Paraskeva
Photography Art

Elena Paraskeva International Conceptual Photographer

Elena Paraskeva is an international Conceptual Photographer and Art Director. She was awarded the Nikon-Photo Photographer Of The Year 2021, the Digital Camera Photographer Of The Year 2018 award and has won Gold/Silver/Bronze medals for her work in some of the world's biggest and most prestigious photography competitions such as...
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