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Self-taught Fine Art Photographer Liancary

I’m a self-taught fine art photographer from Germany and I mainly focus on strong, yet feminine characters. For my latest project, I got inspired by the Greek mythology about Alcyone, the daughter of Aeolus, god of wind and Alectrona, the goddess of the sun.

Alcyone is also the brightest star of the Pleiades, – so that was a double win for me. I collaborated with the aspiring designer Anton Krug, who designed the white dress for this project from scratch and worked on it for 70 hours. Adding the 45+ hours for photography and editing work, it’s a huge project, but we are incredibly happy about it and would do it again.

My model is the beautiful Sophiasinistra, who is giving us the “otherworldly beauty” vibes we were looking for. The entire team did such a great job and I’m grateful I can realize my ideas and vision with them. ~ @Liancary

Fairytale photography Model Sophia

Fantasy photography Model Sophia

Fairy tale photography Model Sophia

Fantasy art photography Model Sophia

Beautiful fantasy photography Model Sophia

Stunning Fantasy Photography Model Sophia

Alectrona greek goddess Model Sophia

The sun goddess Alectrona photography Model Sophia

Alectrona the goddess of the sun Model Sophia

The sun goddess Alectrona - epic photoshoot Model Sophia

Alectrona the goddess of the sun photo Model Sophia

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