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Creative self-portraits and Ukrainian inspired pieces

My name is Yuliana, I am a photographer and artist in Los Angeles. For many years I’ve been experimenting with photography and combining pictures with digital art. With time I’ve developed a creative style – a series of self portraits taken with different techniques and in different styles. Now over the course of 5 years I’ve created over 150 unique self-portrait, from editorial style to surrealism and fine art.

Currently, due to a war in Ukraine, my mother land, I felt inspired to show through my art not only my support and unity with Ukrainian people but also express their strength and unbreakable spirit. I’ve created a few works of art to raise awareness. I purposefully don’t use any motives of weapon, war or violence because I don’t want to promote war, my intention is to embrace the best of qualities – indestructible spirit and right to stand for your home, your country, your identity. In my work I wanted to show that no matter how much destruction Ukrainian land will have to endure, bombs and bullets can never destroy the will, strength and spirit of the Ukrainian people will stay strong till the end and never surrender. I wish very soon I’ll be able to create a work to celebrate piece and rebirth for my country. @yuliana_nft

Photographer and artist Yuliana Chi

Los Angeles Portrait Photographer Yuliana chi

Queen portrait photography Yuliana chi

Black and white fashion photography Yuliana chi

fine art photography Yuliana Chi

Photography ukrainian spirit by Yuliana chi

Self portrait by Ukrainian photographer Yuliana chi

Ukrainian portrait photography Yuliana chi

Ukraine photography art Yuliana chi

Ukraine girl photography Yuliana chi

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