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Dark Surrealism Self Portrait Photography

Jaqueline Vanek was born in Austria in 1984 and is currently living in Madrid, Spain. She is an award-winning Fine Art Photographer, Visual Artist & Senior Visual UI/UX Designer. Her photographic artist journey started back in 2005, after her studies in Fine Arts, Casting and Moulding. Having experimented with many different styles and types of photography, she managed to find herself in the conceptual and fine art realm. Since back in 2005 till today, her artwork has been exhibited in a large number of exhibitions in the United States, Austria and Spain. Also, her artwork can be found featured inside and on covers of a huge amount of magazines from all around the world, as well on book covers published in Europe, United States and Asia.

In her personal work she uses the instruments of darkness, surrealism and photography to talk about her deepest feelings; emotions, states of mind, mind shifts and more. During the last years, Jaqueline has won several prestigious awards like an Honorable Mention in the Annual International Color Awards, some Honorable Mentions in the IPA Awards, Bronze Awards in the PX3 Annual Prix de la Photographie Paris or a Silver and Bronze Award in the MIFA Awards.

Her photographic artwork is heavily influenced by classical fine art and surrealism. But also in a world in twilight, dark and cold, as well as in science fiction. Strength and confidence. Peace and tranquillity. A great quantity of melancholy. With a bit of a gloom, sadness, mystery, and fantasy. As a means of expressing her ideas and emotions, she makes main use of the self-portrait and photomontages. In her photomontages she often tries to create disturbing, dreamy and/or futuristic worlds. Her use of black and white, lights, contrasts and elements such birds, marks her artwork work and helps to recognize her work easily. ~ jaquelinevanek.com

Jaqueline Vanek Self Portrait Delicate Fragments

Jaqueline Vanek Self Portrait Series Delicate Fragments“Delicate Fragments II” & “Delicate Fragments III”

Jaqueline Vanek Self portrait Series Harmony against Internal Wars

Jaqueline Vanek Self Portrait Photography Harmony Against Internal Wars

Jaqueline Vanek Self portrait Series sunrise and ends in a sunset“Harmony Against Internal Wars VII” & “Harmony Against Internal Wars IV”

Last Light Darkness phtography Jaqueline Vanek“Last Light I”

The Ancient Sages Darkness Photography Jaqueline Vanek

Jaqueline Vanek The Ancient Sages Darkness“The Ancient Sages I” & “The Ancient Sages VI”

Insignificant Human Being surrealism Jaqueline Vanek “The Insignificant Human Being”

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