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Martin Stranka, I Found The Silence, Art Photography

I always considered it an advantage, that I have never studied photography. It may take you only couple of years to learn the theory and laws of the medium. But does it feed the imagination? Does it release all your fears and inhibitions and let you explore your creative? My beginning is rooted in tragic event that caused my life at that time to collapse. And I slowly healed through creating images that in some ways felt almost real yet allowed me to live in a different world. Working with art photography and collage techniques, Itry to push the boundaries of photography beyond the limits of its traditional perception and capture a simple moment in its most dreamlike version. Releasing myself from the restrictions of traditional and accepted norms of photography I hope to transfer my dreamy visions in their most authentic emotional state onto the paper. This freedom helps me to create photographic scenes in which the borders between reality and dream are almost banished. My artwork is rich in symbolism through which I accentuate man as an individual, and his inner dialogue with himself, in a minimalistic conception of the scene.

I consciously distance myself from the chaotic buzzing world to go within and explore serenity, silence, and my inner self. And I wish that my artworks give viewers the opportunity to reflect what is inside of their minds andhearts sending out a message to remember that peace and truth is not found outside of us but within. @martinstranka

Award winning wildlife Photographer Martin Stranka

Dreamers and Warriors Photography Art Martin Stranka

Polar bear photography by Martin Stranka

Circle Of Life Photography Art Martin Stranka

Holes In The Sky Photography Art Martin Stranka

I Bloom For You Photography Art Martin Stranka

I Wish I Was Special Photography Art Martin Stranka

I Can Hear You Call fox photography by Martin Stranka

I Found The Silence Photography by Martin Stranka

The Escapist loft Interior design photography by Martin Stranka

The Escapist hidden face photography by Martin Stranka

Deer Photography Until You Wake Up by Martin Stranka

Until You Wake Up Print Deer Photography by Martin Stranka

We Found Shelter Photography Art by Martin Stranka

Winter animal photography We Met In The Sky by Martin Stranka

White horses photography I Am Nature by Martin Stranka

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