Photographer and Visual Artist Lidia Vives
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Lidia’s Photographic Art of Storytelling In Photography

Lídia, a native of Lleida, Spain born in 1991 to a painter father, found it easy to fall in love with the world of art.

From a young age, she dreamed of becoming a painter, often imagining herself standing in front of a canvas, brush in hand. This dream ultimately led her to study Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid, where she specialized in image at the University of Barcelona.

During a school trip at the age of 16, Lídia was introduced to the work of Henri-Cartier Bresson, which had a profound impact on her and challenged her belief that painting was the “supreme art.” This moment coincided with the rise of front-facing camera phones and the explosion of social media, leading to the rise of the “selfie” culture, which Lídia embraced. Slowly, she transformed these selfies into self-portraits, using photographic art as her primary means of artistic expression.

In a small pink room filled with manga comics and stuffed animals, with only a small space and one wall without posters, Lídia created her first works. These simple selfies became self-portraits that allowed her to transform into new characters and share stories and anecdotes from her daily life. What began as a playful escape from her small room eventually became her livelihood.

As Lídia pursued her studies at university, she began sharing her photographs on social media, and her audience grew, leading to attention from brands, galleries, and collectors. Today, Lídia’s studio is far from that small pink room, and her bridge camera has been upgraded to a full frame.

Her work can be found not just online, but also in galleries, books, magazines, and homes around the world. Lídia finds inspiration in seemingly disparate worlds, drawing on pictorial references, particularly Italian Renaissance and Baroque artists, as well as pop culture, punk, and fashion photography. The result is a fusion of art and editorial photography that tells a story.

Lídia’s work is photographic art, combining the look of paintings with the storytelling of photography. Her work is original and mysterious, filled with details, enigmatic environments, and hidden Easter eggs for attentive and curious viewers to discover. @lidia.vives

Human body painting The millenial kintsugi technique photography lidia vives

Art Photography flowers lidia vives

Flowers pattern lidia vives photography art

Art photography woman II lidia vives

Portrait Color Dust V Art photography Lidia Vives

Art photography the dinner lidia vives

Art photography house of vice lidia vives

Art photography the butterfly effect lidia vive

Art Photography Sakura lidia vives

Color Dust lidia vives art photography

Art photography mad mouse lidia vives


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