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Passionate Artist Corrado Creates Incredible Seascape Paintings

Passionate artist, Corrado began to paint at a very young age. Born 1956 in Croatia, Istria Pula currently resides in Italy.

Delicate and vibrant shading work imbues Corrado’s colorful drawings and paintings with a realistic quality that speaks volumes to his artistic abilities. As the nature and material of his work varies over time, Corrado continuously proves that he is equally talented, no matter the matter. Landscapes of powerful cresting waves are just as well done as are the piercing eyes staring out from his dynamic human portrayals. Born 1956 in Croatia, Istria Pula currently resides in Romans d’Isonzo (GO) and Borgosesia (VC ) Italy.

I always had the need to express what I saw, I tell my emotions through not words but with colors, the aptitude for drawing and painting manifested itself very early, in the first school years I participated in several competitions always obtaining excellent results, subsequently studying and practicing I reached my first real success in 1974 by participating and placing myself 1st in competition with the patronage of the city of La Maddalena Sardinia, after a while always at La Maddalena I had my first personal exhibition exhibiting 44 works and selling everything, since then I have never stopped I have always tried to improve my technique always convinced that we must always be hungry for learning. ~ Corrado Marion

Transparencies painting by Artist Corrado“Transparencies” Oil on Canvas Panel, 28×60 cm.

Beach landscape painting by Artist Corrado“Chalkidiki Greece” Oil on Canvas, 40x80cm.

Thunderstorm painting by Artist Corrado“Thunderstorm” sea storm painting, Oil on Canvas Panel, 32,5×57,5 cm.

Sea storm painting by Artist Corrado

“Sea Lights” sea storm painting, Oil on Canvas Panel, 40×67 cm.

Oceanside painting by Artist Corrado“Morning” Oil on Canvas Panel, 60×70 cm.

Ocean wave art by Artist Corrado“Midsummer Dream” Oil on Canvas Panel, 56×56 cm.

Seascape oil painting by Artist Corrado“Symphony at Dawn” Seascape oil painting on Canvas Panel, 108×65 cm.

Ocean canvas wall art by Artist Corrado“Broken instants” Oil on Canvas, 60×70 cm.

Short True Personal Story:

One Day During One
My Exhibition, a Visitor
A Gentleman Around 70/80 Years Old,
Very Elegant and Distinguished
He Asked Me a Question:
“Why Does He Always Paint the Sea?”
And My Answer Was:
“Because I Love the Sea, I Respect It,
Is I Like It in All Its Expressions “So He Said to Me:
“Bravo This Is True Love,
Because Love Can Only Be Done in This Way,
With Respect, Without Criticism,
And With the Joy of Sharing
Its Own Peculiarities “.
I Never Knew Who He Was
But What I Learned.

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