Realistic painting of animals

Realistic Paintings of Wildlife and Pet Portrait

My name is Shawna Jensen and I am an artist residing in Hesperia, California, I work mostly in acrylics, pastels, and digital art, but I love to dabble in other mediums such as watercolors, markers, color pencils, and a combination of them all! I have been into art my whole life but only recently have taken it on full time to start a career. In the past couple of years I have had an overwhelming urge deep inside me to paint wildlife, I love painting all types of animals and really capturing the souls of each one especially through their eyes.

In addition to art I am a wife and a mother to two beautiful children. I enjoy photography as well, which works out great for getting my own reference photos for my paintings. ~ Shawna Jensen

Realistic Paintings of Animals, Wildlife Art“On the Lookout” Acrylic on Canvas, 24×36 inches.
Realistic Paintings of Animals, Wildlife Art“Portrait of a Chihuahua” Pastels on Pastel Mat, 20×20 inches.
Realistic Paintings of Animals, Wildlife Art“Panthera Tigris” Acrylic on Linen Canvas, 11×14 inches.
Realistic pet portrait painting
“Live Wild and Free” Acrylic on canvas, 20×20 inches.
Realistic painting of animals“Stand By Me” Acrylic on Canvas, 22×28 inches.

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