Indering Narcissus conceptual portrait photography Elena Paraskeva
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Elena Paraskeva International Conceptual Photographer

Elena Paraskeva is an international Conceptual Photographer and Art Director. She was awarded the Nikon-Photo Photographer Of The Year 2021, the Digital Camera Photographer Of The Year 2018 award and has won Gold/Silver/Bronze medals for her work in some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious photography competitions such as the Pollux Awards, New York Photography Awards, Trierenberg Supercircuit, International Color Awards, Chromatic Awards, Fine Art Photography Awards, LensCulture Portrait Awards, Neutral Density Awards, Prix De La Photographie Paris, Monovisions Photography Awards, American Photography Open, IPA, One Eyeland, Moscow International Photography Awards, Neutral Density Awards, International Photographer Of The Year, London International Creative Competition, WPPI etc.

She has exhibited her work in NYC, London, Paris, Austria and her work has been published on the cover and pages of a multitude of international photography publications such as the UK Times, Photography Masterclass, Chromatica Magazine, Digital Camera, Digital Photographer, N-Photo, PDN, Dodho, Digitalis Foto Magazin, The Photographer, AAP Magazine etc. ~

The series “Hindering Narcissus” is a dedication to the children of war. In the portraits, they are constrained by a white shroud, their ability to bloom hindered. Their beauty and innocence is laced with sorrow, their existence is muted and endangered, and their fragility is palpable. The delicate flowers adorning their hair are called “Narcissus” and despite their fragile nature, they grow and flourish in the meadows and forests at the end of winter amidst harsh conditions and as such give hope for the Spring that is to come. Narcissus is a symbol of rebirth and a new beginning and the series is a silent prayer for peace.

Hindering Narcissus conceptual photography Elena Paraskeva

Elena Paraskeva Hindering Narcissus photography

Hindering Narcissus conceptual photographer Elena Paraskeva

Hindering Narcissus children photography Elena Paraskeva

Hindering Narcissus awarded photography Elena Paraskeva

Hindering Narcissus fine art photographer Elena Paraskeva

Hindering Narcissus fine art photography Elena Paraskeva

Hindering Narcissus conceptual art photography Elena Paraskeva

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