Beautiful paintings of nature by Tanya Hansens

Beautiful Nature Sunset Paintings by Artist Tanya Hansens

After ten years as a graphic designer, I came to the desire to transfer my ideas to the canvas. And, since 2013, I began to project my emotions and feelings using canvas and oil. Since 2014, inspired by the new turn in my life, I choose acrylic and work with it to this day. The essence of my paintings is a slight incompleteness, ellipsis, and understatement. The idea to stop in time during the creation of the picture came spontaneously, because it brings inspiration for the viewer/buyer/customer to see something else, calling on their imagination. Changing something in the small always changes the big. And this “butterfly effect” works everywhere. This approach to work is very popular with my fans. A person tends to change and change everything around. But, sometimes he lacks courage and determination. And, as a panacea, my paintings lead a person out of a dead end, motivating them to change, and forcing them to move on. An unfinished story, like an unfinished painting, expands the imagination and fills it with strength and the desire to add / change, and the viewer transfers this desire for change into his life.

Having chosen the Sun, as my talisman and the brightest star that brings life and joy to people, by curing them, I continue to create my paintings under its name. Such a peculiar healing property of my paintings gives people new energy and an invisible, but tangible strength to move on, to be inspired, to create a new life for themselves, and, as a result, to enjoy…

My paintings, even if it is a summer sunset over the ocean or an autumn day in a November forest, are always a separate story, where the foreword and continuation of which is created by the art collector himself in his imagination… and then in his life… Use your chance to change and …Enjoy! ~

beautiful sunset canvas painting by Tanya Hansens“Default Gateway. Somewhere, no one knows.” Acrylic, palette knife, canvas, 24”x24”
Sometimes we want to escape from the exhausted reality and everyday life somewhere, where the soul will again be filled with peace, and joyful moments will replace the screaming emptiness. These places are different for everyone, but we always remember them… especially those, that no one knows about…

Sunset over the sea painting by Tanya Hansens“The Colors of the Evening”, acrylic, canvas, 15″x 30″.
The calming atmosphere of the evening coast with its stress-reducing color therapy. Sometimes, just a minute is enough to look, but it will remain in your memory for a long time… Enjoy!

Beautiful sunset over the ocean by Tanya Hansens“Another Moment”, acrylic, palette knife, canvas, 40″x 30″x 1.5″.
Only a minute ago there was a blue cloudless sky with the promise of a pleasant evening… but then, a moment – and, suddenly, out of nowhere, squeezing the sun – a dark cloud appears, bringing not only moisture, but also fresh air, slowly covering the ocean…

Mountain painting Touching the Sky by Tanya Hansens

“Touching the Sky”, 36”x60”x1.5”
The morning sun touching the mountain peak adds a touch of warmth to this landscape. That works well with the cool tones of the sky and fills the painting with a beautiful contrast. Abstract modern landscape, with 2D mountains.

Black and white mountain painting by Tanya Hansens“ELEVATION”. Unique and magnificent airplane aerial view of snow mountains. Black & white painting with light impasto style and palette knife, gives a painting some drama along with the majesty of the endless steep peaks of the mountains and it ski slopes.

Boats on the sea painting by Tanya Hansens“Nothing else Matters”, acrylic, canvas, palette knife, 36″x 24″.
When the goal is clear and you do more than anything to achieve it, then the whole universe will support you, filling the sails of your ship with wind.
And then nothing else matters – no obstacles in your path, not those, who got ahead or who follow you… because, you still feel confident, approaching success…

Sunset for two birds beauty Painting by Tanya Hansens“Sunset for Two”, acrylic on canvas, 40″x 30″.
“As angry as the sky looks, it’s still full of the colors of love.” – Anthony T. Hincks… even this pair of seagulls … Inspired by the wind and the approaching passionate sunset, they enjoy the synchronized soaring and bright moments of the hiding sun.

After All acrylic on canvas by Tanya Hansens“After All”, acrylic on canvas, 30”x40”.
After the storm comes a calm… We all know about it, we hope and wait for it… That unforgettable moment when the sky begins to glow orange, yellow pink, pushing the storm clouds apart and giving an almost surreal hue. And the endless ocean fills with pleasure and mirrors the joy of the sky.

Marvelous Reflection seascape by Tanya Hansens“Marvelous Reflection” 48”x48”x1.5”
This unforgettable spilled sun, with it reflection and beauty in the night water, which each of us at least once in his life watched at sunset. When the tired sun, shows us a distant horizon – where the power of the mountains, bathed in sunshine.

Shining sea painting by Tanya Hansens“When the Dusk is Coming”, 48”x30”
The inevitability of the sunset, when the sun lazily hides behind the horizon in the beginning of the dark twilight. The sun and the sea makes a very bright against the background of the coming night. The Third Place art competition in online exhibition “All Paintings”, January 2017,
Contemporary Art Gallery Online.

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