Wondrous pop art by Finnish artist Diana Ringo
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Wondrous pop art by Finnish artist Diana Ringo

Diana Ringo is a Finnish contemporary artist, filmmaker and musician currently living in Turku. She creates colorful pop art portraits of celebrities, mixed media collages, still lives, fantasy works and abstract pieces.

She has painted pop art portraits of musicians David Bowie, Taylor Swift, actors Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, communist revolutionary Che Guevara, Diana, Princess of Wales, scientist Albert Einstein.

Artist Diana Ringo

Diana has a stunning ability to capture famous people in a never-before seen manner in her pop art portraits. Whether long deceased legends or modern cultural icons – her subjects are always full of expression and vigour and the compositions are fresh and exciting. Familiar faces seem to gain new layers of depth and emotion. Sometimes she chooses two portray her subjects doubled, but not identical, with different expressions, to emphasize their complex inner conflicted nature. Her pop art works have been compared to the creations of Andy Warhol and Roy Liechtenstein.

Diana’s fantasy art oeuvre includes gouache paintings “Tomcat Murr” and “Little Zaches with Rosabelverde”, which are based on the characters featured in fairy tales by E. T. A. Hoffmann. The art bears similarity to the post-impressionist works of Vincent Van Gogh. “Tomcat Murr” is a playful portrait of an unusually intelligent cat writing his memoirs and gazing longingly in the distance, with the night sky visible in the window.

On the other hand, her painting combining gouache and collage technique, “Face of the Future” is an unsettling and ominous work comparable to Jean-Michel Basquiat’s “Untitled” and Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”.

Her whimsical digital art works “The Flower of Love” and “Attack of the Mad Piano” are inspired by Salvador Dali.

Diana Ringo’s technique varies from oil, gouache, collage, mixed media to digital art. She is always interested in experimenting and exploring new ways to express herself in art.

Her artworks are available on Fineartamerica, Saatchi Art and Art Majeur.

As a film director, she is well-known for her acclaimed feature directorial debut “Quarantine” (2021), for which she also composed the film score. The film is a philosophical dystopian drama about a man who survives an massive disaster and is forced to confront the mistakes of his past. The soundtrack by Diana who is a classically educated pianist, consists of ambient electronics, melodic piano and complex orchestral arrangements. The incredibly varied soundtrack is moving, romantic, experimental and disturbing.

To learn more about Diana Ringo’s art, please visit her website – www.dianaringo.com

Quarantine Film 2021 Diana Ringo

Albert einstein pop art portraits by artist Diana Ringo

princess diana art by artist Diana Ringo

taylor swift pop art portraits by artist Diana Ringo

David bowie pop art by artist Diana Ringo

Leonardo dicaprio pop art by artist Diana Ringo

Johnny depp pop art by artist Diana Ringo

che guevara pop art portraits by artist Diana Ringo

the flower of love diana ringo digital art

Attack of the mad piano diana ringo digital art

Tomcat murr diana ringo by artist Diana Ringo

the face of future diana ringo by artist Diana Ringo

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