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Colombian multidisciplinary artist Katty Huertas
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Multidisciplinary artist Katty Huertas

My name is Katty Huertas and I'm a Colombian multidisciplinary artist based in Washington DC. I have a background in both fine arts and graphic design and I'm inspired by maximalism and magic realism. I want people to get lost in my art and embrace the magic that surrounds us....
Pop Art Portrait
Digital Painting

Josix Lozada Neo Pop Art Digital Paintings

Hi, I'm Josix Lozada, or as I am best known on the networks (Instagram) as Josix Design. 36-year-old Venezuelan. Educator, graphic designer and illustrator. I mostly lean towards Andy Warhol's Pop Art style, but at the same time, I can give my (digital) paintings an innovative style due to their...

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