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Nicole York fantasy storytelling with photography
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Storytelling Narrative Photographer Nicole York

My goal with any artistic pursuit is always to tell stories, because stories are at the heart of what it means to be human. We think in stories, create connection and empathy through stories, and use stories to create meaning. What are our memories but stories we tell ourselves? Every...
Kamila J Gruss fine art portrait photography
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Kamila J Gruss Photography Artist

My name is Kamila J Gruss. I was born and grew up in Poland. I studied and lived in Berlin for ten years, where I did my master's degree in New German Literature, Spanish Literature and General And Comparative Literature Studies. At the same time, I did my master's degree...
Modern photography by Derville Emilie
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Emilie Derville Belgian Fine Art Photographer

Emilie Derville is a Belgian fine art photographer and graphic designer; specializing in costumed and staged portraits, she composes self-portraits and portraits like paintings; reality is then "augmented" and manipulated through retouching. Pieces of master paintings sometimes slip into the decor and make the link between the inspiration and the...
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