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Laura Calandt Fantasy Photographer

I’m Laura, I live in the center of the Netherlands, Utrecht. It’s an honor to be presented on this website.
I see a lot of nice artwork… and I don’t really feel like I belong yet.
Three years ago I started working with models, before that I was mostly doing some travel and wildlife photography.
Which I still love to do, but found my passion in working with models.
Working with models is a lot of fun, the interaction, the shared excitement, I miss it when working alone.
My day job next to being a photographer is as a primary school teacher. So, you know, I love to be creative with others.
Mostly Cosplay in the beginning, but last year my interest shifted to more fantasy work.
There is more freedom there, because you are not bound to represent something that already exists.
But it does not mean I enjoy working out a favorite fandom with talented people.
A few weeks from now I get together with a group of The Wichter cosplayers and create something cool.

For my work in the future, I make mood boards and look for people who wants to help them come to life.
But sometimes I find a location to rent and start from there, in February where going to a castle and shoot inside for example.
I work with a full-frame camera and my favorite lens is the 85mm f1.8, both from Sony.

This is a collaboration with stellarcosplay, Royaltycostumes and Cosplay_dressage_horses on Instagram.
We decided to create a modern historic love story.
The costumes and dresses are all self made and we just went for it.

I love making creative photographs, mostly fantasy or historical stuff.
But some vintage of cosplay comes along also.
It’s nice to find a group of people and work together to get our idea alive.
It’s a creative process and I’m still learning a lot today. Hope you like our little summer project! ~ @Laura Calandt

Dutch portrait photography by Laura Calandt

Knights horse Cosplay photography by Laura Calandt

knights horse fantasy photography by Laura Calandt

knights horse photography by Laura Calandt

Dreamdress horse fantasy photography by Laura Calandt

Cosplay horse fantasy photography by Laura Calandt

Knights Cosplay photography by Laura Calandt

knig costume fantasy photography by Laura Calandt

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