The Arts of Artist Dario Moschetta

Artist Dario Moschetta

Thank you for choosing me for one of your features. I am happy to present some recent artwork in this ‘virtual exhibition’. I create a lot of portraits, I like to paint people, I find the face has a lot to say. As in the case of ancient statues, carved by time, of a beauty that transcends the centuries, a beauty that comes to us from a world other than our own, set in another time.

The technique I use is a mixture of different techniques, from oil and acrylic painting, to which I add oil pastels, I also print some elements of some photos, and use these prints to create stencils with which I spray paint. Sometimes I also glue some photo elements onto the canvas directly. In most cases, in recent Artwork, I also apply vinyl glue to the finished surface, which (after various tests and research) not only protects the surface but also
contrasts the colours very nicely.

I have had exhibitions in Italy since 2010, one in Empoli in Tuscany and a couple in Milan under the supervision of Unipol, at the new Exhibitions spaces in the Torre Velasca. Later I collaborated with interior designers, architects, and even now with publishers such as Selected Artworks in Milan, Artfullywalls, Rosenstiel’s. I collaborate with art galleries such as Lemon frame gallery in Tel Aviv and Le dame Art Gallery in London.

In 2020 I had the opportunity to create the introduction sequence and character design for film: “A song from the Dark” for adverto studios production, award-winning film director Ogo Okpue.

I participated in 3 fairs in London: in 2017 and 2018 at Melia White House, and in 2019 at Bricklane, a fair curated by Saatchiart, as well as at Red Dot in Miami in 2018.
My artworks can be found in private collections worldwide. Dario Moschetta Paintings for sale on, Saatchiart, Arftinder ad auction live on Catawiki. ~ @dario.moschetta

The big Head Painting by Dario Moschetta

The Arts of Dario Moschetta

Head-61-M modern artwork mixedmedia acrilyc spray paint glue and oil pastels by Dario Moschetta

Head-72-M modern artwork by Dario Moschetta

Head-74-M modern artwork by Dario Moschetta

Female Portrait Drawing Ideas on Youtube by Dario Moschetta

Portrait Painting Vicki by Dario Moschetta

Portrait 907 In the mood for love by Dario Moschetta

Portrait 434-M mixedmedia acrilyc spray paint glue and oil pastels original artwork by Dario Moschetta

Portrait 431 Original painting mixedmedia acrilyc spray paint and oil pastels original artwork by Dario Moschetta

Portrait 462 mixed media acrilyc spray paint, glue, stencil, and oil pastels on canvas by Dario Moschetta

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