Nature canvas art by Jake Vandenbrink

Artist Jake Vandenbrink

Sometimes I feel that I may have been born with either a pencil or paintbrush in my hand. Ever since I can remember, I have loved drawing and painting which seemed to become my destiny from an early age. As an only child I remember spending a lot of time being curious about nature and animals, as many kids are, but I was always compelled to draw or paint what I saw. Living near a creek allowed me to wonder off and see what was down there that might capture my interest.

Once I grew older I turned my attention to architecture which gave me a new passion to pursue however in later years my love of nature and landscape resurfaced, and I found myself immersed in painting landscapes, first in oils and later in acrylics, which is my choice of medium today.

Gradually introducing more detail into my art, I began to find an audience that appreciated my work and how they could relate to the images. Over the past 34 years, my work has mainly focused on subject matter that includes serene, scenic vistas, especially that of lakes, rivers, forest and the Rocky Mountains. Much of my art has been shown in galleries in both my native Ontario as well as Western Canada.

I try to present viewers with scenes that are relatable, where they can picture “being there” or perhaps remind them of somewhere well known that they have seen before. All of my art is inspired by my own experiences, and I look forward to finding new subjects or new ways of portraying familiar ones. ~

The Autumn Art Painting by Jake VandenbrinkIn The Autumn Air

Like A Dream mountain landscape painting by Jake VandenbrinkLike A Dream

Mountain Memories canvas painting by Jake VandenbrinkMountain Memories

River Fall Painting by Jake Vandenbrink


Shades of Fall Painting by Jake VandenbrinkShades of Fall

Snow mountain painting by Jake VandenbrinkAt First Light

Snow Wonder Painting by Jake VandenbrinkSnow Wonder

Summer Stillness River Painting by Jake VandenbrinkSummer Stillness

The Quietest Moment Painting by Jake VandenbrinkThe Quietest Moments

The Nature Simple LIfe Painting by Jake VandenbrinkThe Simple Life

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